This I Believe Essay Examples + Writing Tips

Do you need good advice on how to write a This I Believe essay fast and up to the mark? Check out the tips by professional essay writers for free. Save time and do a top essay without stress! If you got a task to write an essay that begins with the phrase “This I believe”, it means you need to choose something you truly believe in and tell the readers about it. For example, you can write about real love and proof people that it exists with your paper. You can write about personal things from your own experience and use some facts as evidence.
This I Believe Essay

If you want to create a successful paper, follow these writing tips:

  • Tell an interesting story. Describe to readers when your belief was formed and how it made you feel. Your story doesn’t have to force people to get this belief too but remember it should be real. Tie your essay to your life and share your belief truly. Only in this case, you have all the chances to impress readers with a very interesting story.
  • Do not write too much. Make an essay about 400-600 words. It shouldn’t be too long, so it’s important to put only the most bright facts and fill your writing with your thoughts without creating a long manuscript. Read your finished document aloud – it should take not more than 3-4 minutes. Find successful This I Believe essay examples to understand how you should build your document.
  • Make sure you have named your belief. Focus on your belief when you are writing a paper and name it in a couple of sentences. Without this, you will write a paper about anything else but not about your belief. Concentrate on the most important things because you don’t have a lot of space to write a lot.
  • Write from the first person. Create an essay about your belief and don’t jump to things other people should do. Your task is to tell a story from your own life without connecting it to any social ideas or beliefs.
  • Write positively. Avoid mentioning things you don’t believe. Try to not include in a This I Believe essay any preaching, editorializing, or religious things. Concentrate on yourself and you will find the right words to express your feelings.

How to Write a This I Believe Essay?

So, now you know more about this paper and we’re going to provide you with useful tips on how to write a This I Believe essay:

  1. Choose a topic for your future essay (see hints on brainstorming good ideas in the next paragraph).
  2. Analyze your own life and fins facts and ideas that confirm and proof this strong belief in something.
  3. Choose the most powerful from these ideas and create an outline for your future paper.
  4. Create a paper following the outline.
  5. Proofread your essay thoroughly to find and correct misprints and errors. If you’re not strong in grammar, use online programs or ask someone more experienced for help.

Like any other essay, it must have a good structure. Here is a good scheme on choosing a This I Believe essay format:

  1. Introduction.
    1. The hook to grab the readers’ attention.
    2. The statement of your belief.
  2. A paragraph that describes your personal experience or event.
    1. Describe the event, time and place when it happened, the main characters, and reasons.
  3. A paragraph that describes how the event or experience affected your beliefs.
    1. Describe your thoughts after the event happened. What has changed in your beliefs and why this experience was so much important for you?
  4. Conclusion.
    1. Explain shortly why your experience is important.
    2. Mention how others can use this experience.

5 Hints to Brainstorm Great This I Believe Essay Ideas

Many students feel lost when they have to write this paper because they have no idea where to get successful This I Believe essay ideas. Follow these simple hints to get more interesting ideas:

  1. Write the list of words or ideas that describes your life.
  2. Write the list of the most memorable moments of your life.
  3. Think about who influenced your life mostly.
  4. Write the list of the greatest achievements in your life.
  5. Write the list of your dreams.

You can use all these techniques or choose the one. After you have made a list, brainstorm these ideas and think about what could become the main thought of your future essay. Just focus on yourself, your feelings and your thoughts, and you will find something to write about with passion!

30 Inspiring This I Believe Essay Topics

Read these inspiring and interesting This I Believe essay topics and create your paper without wasting a lot of time:

  1. I believe our planet can be cleaner and brighter.
  2. I believe friendship is the most important thing a person can get.
  3. I believe family is the greatest thing people can make.
  4. I believe that I can overcome my fears and reach all of my goals.
  5. I believe people all over the world can be more kind and soft.
  6. I believe that we need to use the Internet less and spend time with friends instead.
  7. I believe in future people can fly to Mars.
  8. I believe that real love couldn’t be forgotten.
  9. I believe in magical things that can happen to anyone.
  10. I believe that I can graduate from college and get a job.
  11. I believe in my parents, who are the closest people to me.
  12. I believe only in good people around.
  13. I believe that anything is possible because it depends only on me.
  14. I believe that dead people can listen to us from the skies.
  15. I believe I can invent something good for people in the future.
  16. I believe that all the magical things from books will appear in reality sooner or later.
  17. I believe I can find a way to my success.
  18. I believe that God will save our planet from bad things.
  19. I believe I can earn money and travel around the world someday.
  20. I believe I can help others becoming a doctor.
  21. I believe every person on earth has its mission.
  22. I believe in kindness, honesty, and faith.
  23. I believe in my dreams.
  24. I believe in great ideas even if they seem a bit crazy.
  25. I believe that sports can turn anyone into a good-looking person.
  26. I believe that someday we will be able to study in sleep.
  27. I believe in technical progress.
  28. I believe in love because I had a great experience once.
  29. I believe in the future teachers will be replaced with robots.
  30. I believe I can do my best in college and get good grades only.

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