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Courses like marketing require students to write a dissertation paper before the completion of their course. Many proposals often end up being rejected because the student has failed to find a good topic to work with. When choosing a dissertation topic care should be taken to ensure that the proposal is approved, and the dissertation is relevant to your future practice. Furthermore, your choice of philosophy dissertation topics, for instance, also determines the duration it will take to complete your Philosophy study. Doctoral dissertation topics are particularly hard to choose due to the uncertainty surrounding it. Considerations include:

  • Whether the topic has been adequately researched
  • Manageability in scope
  • Whether the topic is worthy of investigation and the level of originality

Approaches to Choosing Marketing Dissertation Topics

When tasked with the responsibility of writing a dissertation in marketing, the initial, and arguably most challenging task, is finding the right topic. There are various areas to choose from when considering marketing dissertation topics. We, however, recommend that it may be more productive and less misleading to approach the decision on the right topic as creating, instead of choosing or finding history dissertation topics, for instance. Here, while choosing or finding suggests that the topics, such as literature dissertation topics, are out there to be stumbled upon, creating a topic is much more about the writer. The creation of the topic is shaped by your experience, and what you seek to contribute to the scholarly discourse. This perspective applies to other fields as well, including the selection of law dissertation topics or nursing dissertation topics.

When selecting topics for dissertation, some students go through what can be termed as ‘dreaming in a vacuum.’ Such students believe that great ideas originate from moments of inspiration that Choosing Marketing Dissertation Topicscomes from meditation or walks in the park. In our view, waiting for inspiration may not be ideal approach to selecting a dissertation topic as such topics do not just appear mysteriously. A good practice in selecting a topic is by going through literature search and consultations with experts. For instance, good psychology dissertation topics can be found by going through psychology literature and consulting your professors. The following strategies are recommended:

  • Get steeped in the relevant and authoritative literature
  • Get involved in discussions with faculty and authorities in your field
  • Do some writing about your topic to help organize your understanding and crystallize progress

It is common for students to consider more than one topic before settling on one.

Where to Look for Possible PhD Dissertation Topics

Dissertation topics are not conjured from nothing. Rather, they must be proactively sought out. Some potential sources include your individual professional interests. If you are in the field of Chemistry, for instance, possible sources of chemistry dissertation topics can include career goals that could be improved by studying particular topics. Faculty members, fellow students, and professional colleagues are other possible sources of ideas for topics. For example, for biology dissertation topics, listen to suggestions from lab assistants and your professors as to what topics are likely to be ideal. You could also consult professional journals in your field of study. Consulting recent articles published in the International Journal of Educational Research could provide ideas for education dissertation topics, where you could identify the hot topics or topics recommended for future research. Other potential sources include:

  • Librarians
  • Previous dissertations
  • Discussions that take place during oral defense
  • The Internet
  • Current theories
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Your current job setting

Some Criteria for Selection of Master’s or Doctoral Dissertation TopicsDoctoral Dissertation Topics

Let us assume you have settled on a number of potential topics for your dissertation. The next important step is knowing whether a particular topic has the potential to become a scholarly doctoral or master’s dissertation. Most universities agree that PhD dissertation topics ought to original and must have significance to the field. The same requirement applies to master’s dissertation topics. However, in both scenarios, what comprises originality or significance is often to interpretation, and differs considerably among different faculty advisors.  One such interpretation is that management dissertation topics should at least achieve one of the following:

  • Challenge existing assumptions or facts
  • Offer new insights into little-understood phenomena
  • Suggest previously unrecognized relationships or
  • Suggest new interpretations

In summary, there are no hard rules on the selection of a dissertation topic. Irrespective of the field, whether for sociology dissertation topics or computer science dissertation topics, your choice should be manageable, should make a significant contribution and must be within your resource and time budget. We, however, understand that, in some cases, time constraints due to academic and professional commitments may limit your ability to undertake the research needed to come up with a good topic. We have experience recommending qualified and experienced specialists in dissertation topic creation. As such, if you are looking for help creating business dissertation topics, or English dissertation topics, or dissertation topics in any field, contact us and let us help.

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