What Is Expository Writing? An Introduction

As an online writing company that offers academic help of the highest quality, we get hundreds of requests from students every day to help them with the expository papers. Many of our clients don’t even know what is expository writing! They just have a topic that they need to write an essay on. Not many customers have a clue about the right way of writing it. In this guide, we tell you all about expository essays and tell you how to produce the best writing. Moreover, you’ll also find a sample excerpt for effective learning and concept building. It talks about a topic in detail to clarify everything about it.
Expository Writing Tips

Let’s Have a Good Expository Writing Definition

Have you got the task of producing expository essays? You are on this page because you might not know what the teacher expects from you. This is the right place for all such students who don’t know how to make expository essays. Let us define this kind of essay, so you get the concept.

So what can be an expository writing definition? It’s a discourse that helps clarify, explain, describe, or elaborate a term. The essay gets its name from the term ‘to expose.’ It is not just in writing – there are also oral expository discourses. However, the scope of this article is limited to writing.

Even though you might not be familiar with the name, you might have read many 5th grade expository writing prompts. You might as well have written some papers without knowing that they could be categorized as expository essays. Such papers include but are not limited to how-to manuals, articles published in the newspapers, and instructions to assemble the parts of a machine.

Just include facts in your writing. A student who writes an expository essay on any topic is expected just to discuss the facts. The main factor that makes an expository essay different from an argumentative paper is that there is no room for opinion or bias in writing. This simplifies the paper in a way because you just have to collect the facts and present them through your writing. As you make the essay, do not assume that the readers are completely informed on the topic. Sometimes, students tend to miss out discussing important details in expository writing because they consider them common knowledge. Good expository essays do not leave out any important information.

The unique method of writing an expository paper is one of the best-defining features of an essay. It is advisable to use third-person pronouns while writing expository essays. The use of the second-person pronouns is allowable under exceptional circumstances. For example, if you are writing a user manual or guide, you may use the second-person narration.

Essential Features of Expository Papers

Certain traits help define expository writing. They should always be remembered while writing these papers. The first characteristic is that expository essays strictly remain on the topic. There is no room for any wordiness or going on a tangent while writing them. If you are not sure if certain information is relevant or not, consider removing it. Do you think your ability to convey the meaning was affected by deleting the information? If yes, then including it in the expository essay is important. Otherwise, it can be discarded.

The topics for writing expository essays are narrow. While you don’t want to be generic, you should also not make the topic so narrow that it gets difficult for you to find the information related to it. For instance, if the topic is ‘hairstyles,’ that is too broad for sure. But if you title the essay as ‘favorite hairstyles of the teenagers of South America in the 1950s’, that will be very narrow, and you will have a hard time finding information about those hairstyles in the existing literature.

All good essays that qualify as examples of expository writing have explanations, details, and facts to elaborate on the topics. The writer has to use the statistics in a logical as well as organized manner. You can include different kinds of details to support the writing, including quotations, anecdotes, charts, graphs, definitions, statistics, and comparisons.

Do You Know the Types of Expository Essays?

Expository essays are of multiple types. There are process essays that are also termed as how-to essays that offer the readers a step-by-step demonstration of a process in writing. These essays contain all the information required by a reader to execute the process without any extra help. Good expository writing prompts high school for such essays are as follows:

  • How to make a mug-cake in the microwave oven.
  • Participating in a beauty contest.
  • The right way to fix the errors in a computer.
  • How to construct a tower.
  • Rules for play Soccer.

Expository essays can also be descriptive. Such papers have plenty of information on the topics, and they are elaborative. The writer paints a picture in front of the readers so that they get a complete sense of the subject. Students get some artistic freedom in this type of writing. That’s important because the purpose is to create the most vivid understanding of the subject in the readers’ minds. A student can get creative with the details. Examples of such expository writing topics are as follows:

  • Describe your favorite gift.
  • What is your most valuable possession, and why?
  • Your first day at school.
  • The meal you liked the most.
  • The most enjoyable vacation you have ever had.

The types of expository writing also include cause-and-effect essays. They are very informative and tell the readers how and why certain factors or actions lead to certain results. If the essay is about lung cancer, you will highlight the causes that commonly increase an individual’s vulnerability to this condition, and also elaborate on the effects people have to experience because of it. You can discuss factors like air pollution, cigarette smoking, and passive smoking in the writing because they commonly enhance the probability of acquiring lung cancer.

Have a Look at Some Great Expository Writing Prompts

The prompts of expository essays are equally popular among teachers of all academic levels. Are you looking for a suitable prompt for your paper too? Let us help you. Here are some excellent expository writing prompts middle school:

  • What animal would you like to keep as a pet, and why?
  • What are the main causes of depression among American teenagers?
  • Why some students leave school at the age of sixteen years old?
  • What will college majors be in demand in 2030?
  • What is euthanasia? Is it morally justified under some conditions?

Take a Look at the Best Expository Writing Examples

In this section, we offer you some excellent examples of expository essays. The first excerpt is a guide for establishing an aquarium system. You can see that the writing is free of any opinions or arguments. The points demonstrate how to set up an aquarium at home. Take a look at it as follows:

This is a mini-guide for setting up the aquarium in the expository writing style. First, place the base. Then carefully lift the aquarium and place it on top of the wooden base. Place the aggregates at the bottom of the aquarium. Embed the oxygen-pump inside the aggregates so that the top section shows through the beads. Fill the water inside the aquarium with a pipe or mug. Make sure the water inlet slides the water while it’s in contact with the glass wall inside the aquarium. Do not throw the water directly on the aggregates. Fill up three-quarters of the aquarium. Now place the wooden lid containing the tube-light on the top. With this, the aquarium is set up.

The next part is of getting the whole system in operation. For this, connect the wires of the tube-light and the oxygen-pump to a socket. Place the fish enclosed in their water-bags in the aquarium for half an hour. Let the temperature of the water inside the aquarium coincide with that of the water contained in the water bag. After thirty minutes, carefully open the water-bags and release the fish into the aquarium. Take the empty bags out and discard them. Let the fish swim in the water and enjoy their new home.

We want to give you expository writing examples that elaborate on the essays in different styles. The second example is of a descriptive essay that can be classified as a piece of expository essay. It is a unique example because it involves the use of first-person pronouns. Have a look at it:

The first car I bought was a Japanese Suzuki Alto. Its model was 2014, and it was black. Since I couldn’t drive a manual car, so I bought an automatic car. The year I bought the car was 2017, so the car had been in the previous owner’s use for three years. Even though he used it regularly, my Suzuki Alto was in good condition. There were no scratches on it except for a two-inch scratch on the rear-left door. It had all genuine paint on it, and there were no touch-ups.

The Right Way to Make Expository Essays

Like every good piece of writing, expository essays need to be planned. That essentially means that the process starts with the making of an expository writing outline. That streamlines the steps of writing and gives the writer a clarity of vision concerning what should be written in the body of the paper. The outline dictates how many paragraphs will be included in the final essay. If you have not been given any instruction about it, it is best to include five paragraphs in the essay in total – the first for the introduction, next three for the paper’s body, and the last for the conclusion.

Collect all your information at the stage of outlining so that you know what points to expand upon while writing the essay. Organize the points in a way that each body paragraph is oriented around a unique idea or aspect of the topic. Write a brief and concise thesis statement that will form the ending of your introductory section. Make topic sentences from the thesis and find three to four points supporting each topic sentence for the body paragraphs. Rephrase the thesis to write the statement of the conclusion.

Now start developing the outline into a complete essay. Respect all requirements of the expository writing prompts as you build the essays. For example, your teacher might have asked for a 2000-word essay. So you need to follow the word-count requirement exactly – a 1900-word essay or a 2100-word paper won’t do. Write the paper in such a manner that there’s a smoothness of flow in the information. Use connecting ideas while transitioning from one paragraph to another.

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