100 Analytical Essay Topics for Your Inspiration & Motivation

An analytical essay is not just a collection of information for the topic you have chosen. This is a manifestation of your analytical thinking. Here you would answer the specific question that is in the name of the essay. This is a work that shows not just your opinion, but an understandable reflection. To choose analytical essay topics for college you need to know that it will be an in-depth analysis of a specific problem or a detailed analysis of a literary work. Such an analysis would be based on specific facts that you can find in different sources or in a work that you are analyzing.

Teachers in schools and colleges give such a task to describe the material that students have recently studied. This allows them to understand how the children learned this and what they understood. Each person perceives a certain situation in his concept, so such essays help him to know whether he understood the situation correctly.

25 Easy Topics for Analytical Essays

  • Why do people have phobias?
  • How to get rid of gambling addiction?
  • Love is a chemical reaction?
  • Why do people see nightmares?
  • Why do we yawn and sneeze?
  • Why do people want more sugar?
  • Why do many people lie?
  • Why do we feel angry?
  • Why do teens more often have acne?
  • Causes of suicide among young girls.
  • Why do people become alcoholics?
  • What is your attitude to graffiti?
  • Do we need to donate blood?
  • Optimism is better than pessimism?
  • Why do children not want to learn foreign languages?
  • Why does the story have pretty awful things?
  • Why do people not fly?
  • Why do animals have tails?
  • Why do pets help older people live happier and longer?
  • Why do we need to respect nature?
  • Why animals are afraid of people?
  • Why do birds fly southwards?
  • Why do ants live in colonies?
  • Why do insects go and fly to the light?
  • Why do some living creatures inhabit in very deep water?

25 Advanced Topics for Analytical Essays

  • Why contact zoos are becoming more popular?
  • How to help keep the environment clean?
  • Can every person influence the course of history?
  • Why does TV impose a common opinion?
  • How to replace a smartphone for a walk in the park?
  • Why the government creates secret experiments?
  • Why our society does not like weak people?
  • Why is life in the desert very difficult?
  • Why do we have the ability to make decisions?
  • Our brain is a complicated computer?
  • Why all people cannot be kind and polite?
  • Why is our planet protected from the radiation of the sun?
  • Why do people want to conquer the highest peaks in the world?
  • Why parents do often not understand their children?
  • Why people do not like criticism?
  • Why did the concept of war appear?
  • Why did religion cause many conflicts?
  • Why people can’t help desert tribes to make a system of getting clean water?
  • Why does PR exist?
  • Why do people chase pets out?
  • How to distinguish a good person from a bad one?
  • Why is there a lot of garbage on the orbit of our planet?
  • Why does ecology get worse every day?
  • Is the concept of Armageddon abstract?
  • Why we still not found aliens?

25 Funny Topics for Analytical Essays

  • Why are cats better than dogs or vice versa?
  • Why a blog can be boring for readers?
  • Can anyone become a musician?
  • How to teach people to be open?
  • Why we can’t live in water?
  • How to make your career more successful?
  • Why we don’t want to leave our comfort zone?
  • Why some people have no conscience?
  • Why many parents do not want to teach children the rules of etiquette?
  • Why does our calendar originate from the birth of Christ?
  • How to stop selfie madness?
  • Why does the Sun go out?
  • Why one person is weak, and many – strong?
  • Why we are lazy to do the house cleaning?
  • Why should parents tell children about faith since childhood?
  • How to make your image modern?
  • Why fashion harms young people?
  • Why some people love pets more than children?
  • Why the internet gives us a lot of fakes?
  • How to learn new skills?
  • Why people do not have a tail?
  • How to teach children to live correctly?
  • Are honest people always poor?
  • Why did the phrase that evil rule our world appear?
  • Why satellites do not collide with each other?

25 Best Topics for Analytical Essays

  • Video games for children.
  • The balance between family life and career.
  • Various forms of addiction.
  • How to learn to “listen” to your organism?
  • The importance of art education.
  • Select and analyze the cultural context of the work.
  • Analyze the basic idea of ​​a particular book.
  • Should animal testing be banned worldwide?
  • Cons of health insurance.
  • Should citizens and immigrants have equal rights?
  • The impact of social networks on youth.
  • Are all groups or gangs dangerous to society?
  • Why are some areas of cities very dangerous?
  • What makes people rob?
  • Why sport is becoming less popular among young people?
  • Why I do not know my neighbors?
  • Are problems in a small amount of communication?
  • Why I buy unhealthy products?
  • Do I really want to drink soda now?
  • What vaccination means for babies?
  • How to protect your family from viruses?
  • Does higher education guarantee a better and more successful life?
  • Do not buy anything one day – is it possible in 2021?
  • Why is doping an important issue in sports?
  • Am I safe in my home country?

5 Tried-and-True Hints to Brainstorm a Topic for an Analytical Essay Fast

To select good topics for an analytical essay you need to do certain work. You also need to know that the topic should be relevant to the modern society and interesting for all generations. The problems of society, globalization, medicine, education, and others surround us every day. You can use these 5 simple hints to make your essay actual.

  • Talk to people. You can select several people from different age categories, talk to them and make a list of actual problems. These may be different situations or issues that need detailed explanation and research.
  • Look around you. Even a trip to work or school is a definite way. What do you see around? Traffic jams, problems with transport, ecology, hot weather, rudeness of people, queues. Is everything perfect in the world that surrounds you today?
  • Browse online resources. Many sites will help you to find inspiration. It may be ready-made topics or ready-made essays, various informational sites or news. There are Quora GRE analytical essay topics where experts can help you to make a choice. You can also read forums where people discuss current issues in different areas of activity.
  • Go back to history. It could be a definite comparison of the theme of the present and the past. What was better then and what is better now? Can we say that progress has made our society and our world better? Why is this happening?
  • Your hobbies. Maybe you will find some interesting topics in your hobby? Maybe your friend can’t visit singing classes because his parents can’t pay for it? Maybe your girlfriend wants to dance but society says that only slender girls can do it? Topics for analytical essay can be found everywhere.

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