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 What is a Business Essay?What is a Business Essay?

Most of the time, students are given the responsibility of writing a business essay. For one reason or another, individuals also engage in a similar endeavor. Sometimes, students fail because they found the topic too vague or difficult to understand. This especially happens on aspects related to commercial undertakings owing to the extensive and widespread coverage of this subject. A valid question that needs a precise answer is ‘what do I include in such an essay?’

The general definition of an essay from the Gale Free Sources Glossary is “a prose composition containing a focused discussion on a particular subject.”

In this case, such writing focuses on various topics related to commerce such as:

  • Accounting and financial aspects.
  • General commerce and the running of commercial enterprises.
  • Law that regulates the running of commercial organizations.
  • The methods that are used to achieve profitability or success.
  • An analysis of various achievers in this field such as Bill Gates.

When delving into issues related to such concepts, it is important to ensure that the writing is divided into an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction offers an explanation and gives the reader a general overview of what the writing entails. The body is also described as the ‘meat,’ and it contains all the necessary information on the writing. It may be formed of titles and subtitles, but it is always important to make it prose. The conclusion is an explanation of the thesis and a summary of the writing.

The structure remains the same unless the instructions give different directions. For instance, a business term paper is comprehensive, and it may involve a variety of aspects in one paper. It is longer and may include several titles and subtitles.

 Writing a Business Research Paperbuy a writing a business research paper

Normally, prose writings are common at most levels of learning, and sometimes individuals partake in writing such pieces. However, a business research paper is normally written by students at higher levels of education.

Unlike normal prose writing, this type of paper involves a lot of analysis of existing materials on the topic provided. That is why it is known as ‘research.’ The major parts may include:

  • Preamble or abstract
  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Problem statement
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Results and discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • Limitations and suggestions for further studies

Not all writings are made of these parts. However, this is the standard structure of this kind of writing. Every component is important for this form of writing.

Prior to engaging in this type of writing, the author engages in an extensive exploration and investigation of materials related to the topic. Sometimes, the author may need to write a proposal first, and this culminates in a comprehensive writing that refutes or confirms a hypothesis.

Normally, students undertaking their doctoral degrees write a business dissertation. This is an exposition of a subject, and it takes the format of this type of essay. Qualified professionals also undertake this form of writing for purposes of informing or persuading their audience.

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 Business Thesis Structure

In most dictionaries, the word thesis refers to a statement that is supported by arguments.

A business thesis is a statement that guides the author on a particular topic. This kind of statement acts as a guide to all forms of writing on commercial subjects.

When writing all types of essays, whether it is argumentative, explorative of even descriptive in nature, this statement is central to the script. It acts like a circumference guiding the author on the direction to take when analyzing a particular topic. It may be a statement or two lines of writing that guide the author.

It is imperative to have a guiding line in any form of writing. In simple essays, the audience gets an idea of what the paper entails by simply analyzing this statement. In a more comprehensive and explorative writing, the scholar or examiner uses this statement to develop a purposeful hypothesis. The statement is a culmination of what the writing involves.

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