Connecting Words for Essays

Every student knows that they cannot write a quality text without connecting words for essays. Any written work only has connecting words that help make the letter understandable to those who read it and help to smoothly move from one thought and idea to another. Connecting words is important in writing, so we recommend that you read this article to the end and learn as much as you can about connective words and what they are used for. In case you are faced with a difficult college assignment, you can come to our service and pay for essay so that professional writers will help you cope with the task and get a high score from the teacher.

What Are Linking Words?

Before moving on to the question of how to use connectives, it is first important to find out what they are and why they exist. Linking words are words and phrases that people use to smoothly link thoughts and ideas in a text. They can be used to link paragraphs and sentences in any type of writing, not just essays. Linking words help the reader to better understand the topic of the work and get acquainted with your arguments without any difficulties. Whether you are writing an academic paper, an essay, a newspaper article, or poetry, transitional words are equally important. Essay connecting words often begin a sentence, but they can also be stored in the middle of a sentence if appropriate.

Why You Need to Use Linking Words in an Essay

When writing an essay, linking words and phrases is a rather important task, since with the help of such links you can easily convey your thoughts to the reader and he will be able to establish a connection between them without any difficulties. You can write a letter without using linking words, but in this case, the people who will read it will not be able to understand the meaning and train of thought. Below you can find out what are linking words exist and why:

  • Linking words are used to create a smooth flow of thoughts;
  • Improving text comprehension for readers;
  • Directing readers from one thought to the next;
  • Demonstration of the connection between thoughts;
  • Support the point of view and conclude;
  • Demonstrate the influence of one thought on another.

Using linking words in your essay is a great way to write successful papers and help readers move from one point to the next. Try to use linking words only in the right places and arrange them logically throughout the text. If you don’t know how to write an essay and think about who can help you, you’ve come to the right place! Experienced specialists of our service are ready to cope with the task of any complexity and do it quickly and efficiently.

Types of Linking Words Used in an Essay

Linking words for essays can be of different types. Before using one of these words, it’s important to make sure you choose the right type and apply it in the right place. First of all, choose a specific role that the word will play and then decide on the type. Below we provide a list of several categories of linking words that you can apply to your writing:

  1. Addition. Such words help to complement the existing information and help to demonstrate their similarities. They can also be used to support a previous thought.
  2. Contradiction. Such linking words are used to show the differences between arguments, such words are most often used for critical or persuasive essays.
  3. Comparison. Such phrases and words will help you condition your arguments and show readers exactly how the things you are talking about are different or, on the contrary, similar.
  4. Clarification. Clarifying linking words is most often used for narrative essays. With the help of them, you can indicate what you are going to study and expand on the topic in more detail.
  5. Result. As you might guess, words like this can be used to describe the result of an analysis, or research and describe whether it fits with the initial plans.
  6. Example. These words are created to tell readers in more detail about their point of view and give examples that argue it.
  7. Conclusion. Such words are suitable for absolutely every type of essay and thanks to them you can summarize briefly and smoothly move to the final paragraph of your essay.

If you are faced with a difficult writing assignment from a teacher and do not know how to write a letter with an essay connecting words so that it can be easily understood, do not be discouraged! You can rely on the professional authors of our service and come to the site right now, where specialists will not only provide you with a linking words list but also help you write a successful essay that will get a good grade.

Linking Words List – Excellent Linking Words Examples

Essay linking words are most often used between sentences or paragraphs. These phrases and words can perform different functions, but equally help to smoothly connect thoughts in a letter. For example, some sentences may indicate additional information or show a difference between the subjects you are talking about. Linking words also helps the reader to perceive information more easily and understand it in the correct sequence.

Good linking words examples are words such as “Despite”, “However”, “And”, “And then”, “In addition”, “Eventually”, “Next”, “Last”, etc. It is important to remember that most of these words can be used both at the beginning and in the middle of a sentence or paragraph. Despite this, when using one of the phrases, it is important to correctly enter it into the text and make it easy for the reader to understand what you want to say.


What are the best linking words to use in an essay?

For an essay, linking words of this kind are best suited: “And”, “Besides”, “And then”, “Finally”, “Besides”, “Next”, “First”, “First of all”, etc. Do not forget that each word or word must fit correctly into your text and have a logical continuation.

What is the best way to link paragraphs in an essay?

There are several basic connecting words for paragraphs, such as: “Similarly”, “For example” and “However”. Do not forget that transitional words can be used both at the end of a paragraph and at the beginning of a new one. In addition, linking words can be in the same place at the same time and this will not make your essay worse.

What are linking words?

Connecting transition words are those words with which you can show a logical connection between several sentences or paragraphs. Linking words can be different depending on the type of your letter. Remember that words like “So” or “However” are some of the best links for your essay.

Why use linking words in an essay?

Many students have a question about “what are linking words”. Everything is simple, linking words are used to connect ideas, paragraphs, and sentences. Most often they are used to make it easier for readers to understand your letter and to make thoughts and arguments flow.

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