Download DBQ Essay Example + Tips, Hints, and Topic Ideas

You do not need to panic if you do not know how to write a DBQ essay. This is a special type of task that is still unfamiliar to many students but there is nothing difficult here. This is quite an interesting work that will require some time to search for and analyze the material.

The essence of such an essay is the analysis of historical trends and problems that should be analyzed and confirmed by convincing facts or documents. This may be a different topic, which is based on AP World History, AP US History or AP European History. You can download DBQ essay example to understand the meaning of this task better. There are also some simple tips to help you write this essay correctly:

  • Read the question very carefully. The name of the topic would be taken from one of the 6 time periods. Find out the place, the person and the time period. This data will help you to make comparisons or contrasts for your analysis. Write all the thoughts and ideas that you have.
  • Find more documents. After reading the assignment, you will be able to understand which documents and facts will help you to write the arguments. More documents – more arguments. Use not only other articles, but also letters, extracts, notes, speeches, drawings, diagrams, or laws. Any information would be helpful.
  • Describe a brief summary of all your work. But, it is not the DBQ essay outline template; it is the main elements that will build your article. Here are important events, dates, documents, various paragraphs about all sorts of supporting facts, diagrams, and more. It will be easier for you to create a layout for your essay later.
  • Do not forget about theses. This is an important component of your analysis, so write the theses that will be used in your work. Write paragraphs for each thesis to have a rough look at future work.

What is a DBQ essay?

If you are looking for the answer to your question and want to know what a DBQ essay is, then it is not difficult to understand. You will get a specific topic that has a historical fact, problem or situation. Your task is to clarify this by using arguments, documents and theses. All you need to do is to find the truthful data that will help you to underline your arguments and prove that your analysis was thorough and precise.

Such a task may have different historical themes but it may be the history of one country or world history. Carefully read the meaning of your topic to better understand how to use the documents and theses to explain this material. Look at examples of such work and study the detailed plan to better understand what you have to do. If you understand this, then you can write such an essay very quickly and easily.

This type of work is an attentive understanding of the main topic that led to a question on this situation. Here you do not need to give a decision; here you must give arguments and facts that will become a confirmation of the name of your essay. Such a task is very popular to find out how students know the story and how they see one or another of its facts. More data gives you a massive picture of what happened in a certain period. Your task is to clarify this by using real facts.

DBQ Essay Outline

Any work requires an action plan, so it is also used for writing any type of essay. A DBQ essay outline is your starting point for creating a quality article using all the data that you would find. You can also correct and add points to your plan until you will receive the perfect version. The plan helps to see the approximate appearance of a future article to write this work in more detail.

  • Introduction. Here you briefly describe the essence of your essay, explain what you want to tell and what ideas you will describe. This can be called a brief overview of your work, to interest audience and show the main aspects of your essay.
  • Main part. You can divide the main part into several paragraphs that will talk about different arguments. Look at your documents and divide them into several groups – each group is one paragraph that describes a specific argument. In this part, you use all the data you could find on this topic.
  • Conclusion. This is not a description of your work, these are basic conclusions and also ideas but described shorter. You can also talk here about the influence of your topic on modern society. It is important to remember that this part should have a conclusion, that is, the text should not be interrupted suddenly.

Do’s and Don’ts How to Write a DBQ Essay

Any essay should be interesting and provide detailed answers to the question in its title. If you make a plan for your work, then there are some simple tips about the points that should be in your essay and the points that you should avoid. Your text should be relevant to explain all your ideas to different age groups. Give a clear answer to the question posed to do a good job and get the highest mark.

Necessary items.

  • Your job implies analyzing and collecting more data. Use not only the Internet but also different newspapers, magazines, reviews, personal opinions of prominent people or private diaries.
  • Find not only documents or laws, make a diagram, diagram, and add pictures or specific quotes.
  • Do not forget about the logical chain, even if you have several paragraphs in the main part.
  • Find old archives on your topic. Such information can be stored in the archives of the library or be downloaded on various historical online resources.
  • DBQ essay example AP world history can have different themes from the creation of the world and the extinction of dinosaurs to the causes of the beginning of World War.

Unnecessary items.

  • You can not exceed the limit of paragraphs (no more than 4).
  • Do not forget that all paragraphs in the main part of the DBQ essay format should have a logical connection.
  • All spelling and punctuation rules must be followed.
  • The text should be unique despite the many facts, quotes, and sayings of famous personalities.
  • Use only real facts, not your personal opinion.

25 Good Topics for DBQ Essays

  1. The American Revolution and its aftermath.
  2. Theodore Roosevelt and the era of progress.
  3. Spanish and English colonists.
  4. The regimen of the Romanovs in Russia.
  5. The achievements of the Portuguese seafarers.
  6. Hitler and the wars.
  7. Piracy in the Caribbean sea.
  8. Tudor dynasty.
  9. Justice of the Egyptian pharaohs.
  10. Protestantism and Catholicism.
  11. The rule of the Ming dynasty and the flourishing of China.
  12. The first flight of man to Cosmos.
  13. The Ottoman Empire and the capture of European countries.
  14. The appearance of slavery and riots.
  15. The development of atomic energy and the consequences.
  16. Venetian art.
  17. The period of the Middle Ages and the impact on the values ​​of society.
  18. Beliefs of Karl Marx as a kind of religion.
  19. The origin of Christianity.
  20. How fast moves progress?
  21. Stone Age is the last period for our humanity?
  22. Is space exploration very slow?
  23. Is the government always hiding something from people?
  24. The appearance of electricity.
  25. Do Native Americans live in reservations?

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