Turabian Style Guide: Why Should You Consider Using It?

How much time do you spend on checking citing in your academic paper? Or you don’t even spend time studying the correct use of sources? In this case, our article will aim to change one’s mind about quoting and formatting. We want to discuss with you one of the most famous and used academic styles in the world, the Turabian style. And in our article, you will learn everything about Turabian and how to use it correctly in your Turabian style paper. So you can rest assured that after reading our article, you will feel more professional even if you haven’t encountered a Turabian style paper before. 

What Is Turabian Format: Quick Overview of the Style

Turabian style is well-known in the world of academic papers and quoting. This style was introduced in 1937 by Kate Turabian, from which the name of the style came. However, Turabian formatting is not a particular style. It’s more like a branching from the Chicago style. It’s worth mentioning that the most significant difference between these format styles consists in the fact that the Turabian style is dedicated to the academic papers of students. Be sure that you will meet this style more often, especially in college assignments, so if you’re currently studying at college, be prepared to write a Turabian style paper

How to Write a Turabian Style Paper: Variants of Citation 

If you’re studying history, arts, literature, or some other humanitarian subjects, it’s most likely that your teacher will ask you to write a Turabian style paper. You may have never heard of this style before, and it can become challenging to understand all of the style features from the beginning. In this section, we’d like to share some main components and tips to help you complete the correct Turabian style paper. Since the Turabian style is directed at formatting and working with quotes, let’s find out the main citation styles of the average Turabian style paper. Do not worry because there are only two of them, and we’ll take a closer look at each one. 

  • Citation using notes and bibliography style. This citation style is usually used in some humanitarian sciences such as history, psychology, arts, etc. This citation style implies the direct quote in footnotes or endnotes. Another prerequisite is the addition of a bibliography according to all academic requirements. 
  • Author date style. When it comes to author date style, citations always appear in parentheses. And at the end of the paper, it’s necessary to add the author’s name and the year of publication of the author’s work, and a page number is necessary. Unlike the previous style, this style is used in the exact sciences. 


At first glance, it looks like these two ways of quotation look similar, but it’s crucial to use the correct form since incorrect use of quoting is considered a huge mistake. But do not worry because, with time, it will become much easier for you, and you will do everything correctly even without additional checking of your Turabian style paper

How to Write a Turabian Paper: Formatting Key Components

Of course, the Turabian style paper does not consist only of quotation styles. It has a lot of other academic requirements that are well-known and must be included in the article that is formatted according to this style. We want to highlight this point since many students pay special attention to the content of their papers, which is understandable. Still, you should also not forget about the corresponding formatting. So, finally, let’s find out the essential components of your Turabian style paper

  • Times New Roman, 12 font size. As you may see, Turabian style paper uses a pretty standard font and size, so there will be nothing surprising for you here. So if your teacher didn’t ask you to use a different one, you could safely use the mentioned font.
  • Double spacing. Your Turabian style paper will also require double spacing in your form. Fortunately, you can easily add it to your home text editor. 
  • Page numbers. With this point, everything is pretty simple. Just add the page number in your page’s bottom or right corner.
  • Margins and paragraphs. For margins in Turabian style paper, it is customary to use an indention of one inch, and the new section starts with a half inch.

Turabian Style Paper Example

Of course, we can continue explaining what the Turabian style paper looks like. But, it’s always better to see once than hear a lot of times. Once you find and examine a good example of Turabian style paper, all questions you had before will disappear. We assure you that this simple but essential step may prevent unwanted mistakes and help you complete a perfect Turabian style paper of which you will be proud.


How do you write a Turabian style paper?

Even if you didn’t write a Turabian style paper before in your life, do not worry because there is nothing complicated in it. Mainly this style uses general academic requirements, including Times New Roman font and double spacing. To make it right, you need to follow the requirements, and your paper will be fine. 

What is the Turabian format used for?

Turabian paper format is mainly used for educational reasons. Unlike the Chicago style, the Turabian style is never used in publishing and is oriented toward students. This style can be used in many different subjects, starting from math and finishing with arts. And because of its simplicity, it’s trendy among students. 

Who uses the Turabian format?

Turabian paper style was invented especially for students. That’s why the primary audience who use the mentioned format consists of students. Therefore, this style is mainly used for educational purposes and is unlikely to be seen elsewhere than in college classrooms. 

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