Helpful Tips on How to Make an Essay Longer

Perhaps, teachers used to hear the question, ” How long should my essay be?” or “How many words are there required for my essay?” when giving a task to write a paper. It is normal because students at school or college follow instructions as a rule. Moreover, they will be more confused if the teacher asks them to write an essay on any topic and length than giving strict directions and requirements.

So, in trying to cope with the task and make the essay longer, learners sometimes pay more attention to formal issues like scope than content. When counting the number of words that are not enough, they often start adding irrelevant information or step back from the topic. As a result, they get needed scope but a senseless text. However, there is a solution to any problem.

Tricks with Words to Make Your Essay Longer

Suppose you need to make your essay longer but do not want to add extra information or start developing new brilliant ideas because you consider your essay relevant and self-contained. In that case, you may choose another way to follow. There are simple tips that may extend your essay without content violation:

  • Spell out numbers. This trick may work with others when you need a dozen extra words to get closer to the requirements. However, spelling can play into your hands if you count character numbers.
  • Avoid contractions. It is forbidden to use contractions in the formal style. But it is not prohibited to avoid them informally.
  • Use quotes. Why not use somebody’s words or saying instead of paraphrasing? You will kill two birds with one stone: convey the essence as close as possible and add a few lines without effort.
  • Extend your sentences. When adding adjectives where possible and appropriate, you not only saturate your sentence with interesting phrases and help to visualize it but also enlarge the scope. 
  • Idiomatic expressions. A pertinent idiom showcases your rich vocabulary and writing talent and will also make the essay longer.

Thinking outside the box and looking at the same sentence from different perspectives can significantly assist in the enlargement of the word scope of your essay using obvious tricks.

How to Make Essay Longer: Effective Tips

If you are not good at writing and are used to expressing your thoughts as concisely as possible, you must be aware of some useful tips that can significantly save time and expand your essay.

  1. Check the structure. Each type of writing has a definite form. Make sure you have all the counterparts, like the introduction, body, and conclusion.
  2. Proofread your paper. When writing your essay, you may focus on ideas and forget about arguments. So, reread your finished paper to ensure logical and consistent content.
  3. Provide examples. In some cases, suitable samples may assist in better comprehension of ideas and make your essay longer in a few paragraphs.
  4. Add facts. It seems that scientists research almost everything today. So, why not use the results of their investigations with numbers, statistics, and outcomes to enrich your essay with reliable information or scientific data?
  5. Extend headings. A longer heading may not only add to the scope but also assist with guidance around the text in search for required information or grasping the main idea of your essay just by skimming headings.
  6. Follow the outline. Before writing, you may make a short plan of your essay and even make notes of ideas you want to include to avoid missing important moments.

In any case, do not rush after quantity but remember about quality. Supply your essay with credible data that you may extend depending on your imagination and creativity.

How to Make Your Essay Longer: Hacks to Create Optical Illusion

A long essay is not always about a number of words, but it may be about a number of pages. In such a case, you may apply some hacks contributing to scope enlargement. To implement this optical illusion in life, you must be familiar with all formatting tools of yout text editor. So, what can you do?

  • Make spacing larger.
  • Expand between-character spacing.
  • Raise font size to the allowed maximum.
  • Separate headings from the text.
  • Make margins bigger.
  • Add page numbers.
  • Put in lists.
  • Make separate bibliography, cover page, and, if possible, an outline of your essay.

Remember to be attentive and careful, and do not go too far with hacks to make your essay longer. After editing and extending your paper, do not neglect to print it and make a realistic assessment of the text outlook not to look strange in the eyes of your teacher. However, the properly demarcated text is easier to read, and it seems more professionally formatted. 

Linking Words to Make Essay Longer

The hint is on the surface. The simplest way to make a smooth transition between sentences and naturally connect them is to use linking words. So, before starting your essay, think about words that can link, add, or confront different sentences in a paragraph. You may even prepare a list of the most common terms and examples of their use.

All the transitional phrases take up space and showcase your perfect knowledge of language and rules. However, try not to make your essay too wordy. In any case, if you have enough time, you may make a double revision of your paper. First, you must read it after completion to eliminate all the errors and repetitions or add missing data. Second, you may revise your creation the next day after finishing it to evaluate it with a fresh mind.

Do not be afraid to make adjustments or write down every thought. Remember that modern technology allows you to edit your essay as often as possible and even return to the previous versions. You are not working on a typewriter, aren’t you?

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