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People love heroes in the real world and fiction. Humans are naturally wired to follow other people’s examples and admire their achievements. Do you have a hero? Who is it for you? Most students usually think that answering the above questions requires them to have a selfless character that defies the odds. Others think of a person who rescued others from dangerous and hopeless situations.

But what do you like about your hero, and what would you write about them in a hero essay? This post shares insights on how to write a hero essay that makes readers want to read more. Keep reading to discover more and take your writing game to the next level.

What Is a Hero Essay?

It’s critical to define this assignment type before examining the details of creating a perfect one. So, what is a hero essay, and what does it entail? Simply, a this assignment requires you to describe a figure you greatly admire and look up to. The hero or heroine could be a loving family member, a loyal friend, a celeb, an instructor, a spiritual leader, a sportsperson, or a fictitious figure in a movie. 

A great hero paper goes beyond describing a person you admire. It should shed more light on the person’s inner qualities and strengths that make them your role model. You should also tell why you appreciate those particular qualities in the hero. 

Steps to Writing a Hero Essay

Now, let’s proceed and examine the technicalities of composing a perfect essay about hero. Like other essays, your paper will have three main parts, namely: introduction, body, and conclusion. Below are the steps to composing these three sections.

First, you should carefully determine whom you want to write about. Examine the main strengths, virtues, and achievements you want to share with your readers. It would help if you also determined why these qualities inspire you enough to deem this person your hero.

Second, list as many qualities and achievements as possible. Then, choose the best you think your readers should know about.  

Third, outline these ideas in the order of their weight and importance. This way, you will be better placed to know where to fit each idea in your essay. Your outline will have three main parts, with details of each explained below:

  • The hero essay introduction. In this section, you will introduce your hero to your audience. You will start with a strong hook that grabs the reader’s attention. Your introduction will include a hero essay thesis that provides a content roadmap for your readers. You will also include all the necessary background information about your chosen hero here. Only ensure that the details are relevant to giving your essay a strong start.
  • The body paragraphs. This section will expound on the background information you gave about your hero in the introduction. You can include three paragraphs or up to five if that is necessary for telling a complete story. 
  • The hero essay conclusion. This section is a short summary of your hero’s qualities discussed above. You can include a final statement that gives your paper a good sense of closure. It should remind readers why your hero is important to you and why you or others want to be like them.

Tips for Composing a Perfect Hero Essay 

Do you want to compose a great essay that makes readers want to read more? Are you asking, “How can I spice up my hero essay? Here are tips to spice it up to fetch you more marks.

  • You can write a great text by selecting the least expected person, including people you might not naturally be expected to look up to.
  • You can also make your essay more original by writing about unexcpected qualities you admire in a hero. For instance, you can forego qualities like courage and generosity and focus on innovativeness or determination. 
  • Always support your arguments with examples to demonstrate a trait you admire in a person.
  • Remember to describe your hero’s actions and not just looks.
  • Ensure you have hard facts at hand regarding your chosen hero so you don’t cook fantasies about them.
  • Begin your paper on a strong note that attracts readers’ attention.

Ideas for Writing an Exciting Hero Essay 

Are you saying, “I need more ideas to help me write an essay about my hero that fetches excellent grades?” If you do, then here are more insights to enhance your next project. 

  • You can write about a real-life hero you have interacted with, or you might choose a person in books or the media.
  • If you wish, you can write about fictitious heroes in movies or stories. When you do this direction, remember to describe their illustrious achievements and explain to readers why you admire their feats.
  • You may focus your hero paper on a popular individual your readers will most likely love to hear about. These could be famous people who have positively contributed to a society’s development and well-being. 
  • Don’t limit your hero choice to famous people only. You may even write about the average person who braves the odds. For instance, you can write about a determined schoolmate who wrote their final exams in a hospital ward and passed.

Good Outline for My Hero Essay 

Are you asking, “What is the best way to draft a great my hero essay outline?” This section shares insights about outlining to help you move in the right direction. 

Like other papers, a hero essay needs an outline to help you hold your thoughts together. It gives your assignment a structure that guides your writing from the introduction to the conclusion. An outline helps you remember to include all the necessary information in your paper. Here’s what it should look like (a generic template is given): 

INTRODUCTION: Naming the hero. Explaining why your chosen hero matters to you. Providing background data about the character. 

BODY: Discussion of the qualities and feats your hero possesses in a paragraph-by-paragraph mode. 

CONCLUSION: Rephrasing of your thesis statement and giving the paper a logical ending. 

Hero Essay Examples 

At times, composing a great hero essay requires you to look at excellent examples of hero essays. Below is an excerpt from a great hero paper about a mother.  

My mom is my great heroine. Although she worked at home every day and didn’t have a high-paying job, I respect her input in our daily lives. She was a good homemaker who loved diligence and honesty. She taught us how to work hard and live decent lives. Mom also taught us the value of education. 

Besides her soft, motherly nature, she was a strict disciplinarian whose firmness ensured I didn’t drift into destructive behavior. She balanced between being tough and remaining kind. Her correction, spanking, and caning were never in vain. She is the best woman I would ever wish my children met in this life. May she continue resting in peace.


A good hero essay helps you express your admiration for a person who positively influences your life. This post shed light on this type of creative assignment. It answered key fundamental questions like, “What is a hero essay?” We hope you will use the insights in this post to sharpen your skills for better results in future assignments.

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