How Many Pages Is 750 Words Double Spaced? The Word Count Simplified

Word processors such as Microsoft Word and Open Office are programmed to convert digital content into printable content at a predictable scale for each line. The extent that 750 words are typed in determines the number of lines of content that can fit in one page at that scale. At each scale, the word processor determines the number of lines of content it takes before one printable page is filled up, and a new page must be created. The number of pages that are constituted by a given amount of wordings, therefore, depends on a multiplicity of factors that determine this scale. 750 words double-spaced will generally take up more space than 750 words single-spaced, but the spacing is not the only factor that needs to be considered.
750 Words Double Spaced

So, how many pages is 750 words? The correct answer is, “it depends.”

750 Words I How Many Pages? Understanding This Word Count

As mentioned before, word processors work to use a scale to convert digital content into a specific number of lines that will fit on one standard printed page. The following factors determine the scale:

  • Font
  • Font size
  • Character spacing
  • Line spacing
  • Paragraph spacing
  • Page size
  • Page orientation
  • Page margins
  • Line density
  • Images, graphs, tables, and textboxes
  • Footnotes, endnotes, headers, and footers


Different fonts have different default line sizes depending on the dot per inch that the font is designed to take up. 750 words can be typed in a myriad of different fonts, and each font is designed to take up a different amount of space per character. You will notice that a font such as Calibri produces characters that appear smaller than the characters of a font such as Microsoft JhengHei UI produces at the same font size. Calibri is, however, programmed to produce characters that appear larger than the same characters in the same font size but in the Kunstler Script font. Smaller characters take up less space on the page and therefore allow more lines of text to be made on the same page. 750 words would, consequently, take up fewer pages. The inverse is true for larger characters.

Font Size

For the same font, the font size will obviously change the space that is taken up by each line. A larger font takes up more horizontal and vertical space, meaning that the height of a line will increase due to the letters being taller. The same 750 words would, therefore, take up more vertical space in the document. The letters are also wider, which means that fewer can fit on one line, making the same characters will that make up one line will now take up more than one line. This then means that lines will both be taller and (because they fit fewer characters horizontally) become shorter. This consequently means that the same number of wordings in the same font but in different font size will take up more lines which lines themselves take up more vertical space. There will be fewer lines per page, but more lines needed in total! How many pages do 750 words take? Each page only has a limited amount of lines, so the more lines required, the more pages are taken up.

Character Spacing

Aside from font size, character spacing affects the horizontal space (width) that individual characters take up in a line. 750 words are a lot, and they can take up a lot of horizontal space if character spacing is set wide. Characters can either be ‘expanded’ or ‘condensed’ to, respectively, increase or decrease the spacing between each character. The spacing between each character determines the amount of space each character takes on a line, so if the spacing is expanded, 750 words will take up more lines. As explained above, taking up more lines means that the overall page count will increase.

Line Spacing

You might wonder, “how many pages is 750 words single spaced?” Well, line spacing is a huge determiner in answering this question! 750 words with a lot of space between lines will take up considerably more pages if the space between lines is increased. Line spacing affects the vertical space on a page that is taken up by each line. Since a page can only contain a certain number of lines, when the space needed between each line increases, the number of lines that can fit on one page decreases. More space between lines means more spaces per line, which means fewer lines per page. Typical line spacing settings include single spaced and double spaced. If you wonder, instead, “how many pages is 750 words double spaced?” we understand that the answer will be different than it is for single-spaced. 750 words that are in single-spaced take up almost half the number of pages that 750 words take up when they are double-spaced. This means that the bigger the spacing, the more pages are needed to fit 750 words.

Paragraph Spacing

Whereas line spacing affects the vertical space between each line, paragraph spacing affects the vertical space between each paragraph. More space between paragraphs means fewer lines can fit in one page. 750 words written in many paragraphs will take up more pages if the spaces between the paragraphs increase. The apparent result of this is that if you write 750 words in one enormous paragraph. Then, changing the space between paragraphs will not change the total number of pages the 750 words take.

Page Settings

As previously discussed, there is a fixed amount of space available on each page. The total amount of space available for wordings depends on how the page size, the page orientation, and the page margins have been set.

Page size can be changed under the “Layout” menu in Microsoft Word. It formats the document according to the physical page size the user sets the digital page size to match. Changing the page size is most relevant to printing, where you want to ensure that the content you write fits in the document you wish to print. The standard page size is A4, but you can have a larger page size, such as A3 or a smaller one such as A5. Yes, the bigger the number, the smaller the page size! The question 750 words is how many pages will vary depending on the page size. On an A3 page, the size will take up a lower percentage of the page size than it would on an A4 or A5 page size. Since page size can vary by a lot (the “Tabloid” page setting in Microsoft Word is twice the size of the “A5” page size setting).

Page orientation can either be set to either “portrait” or “landscape” modes. Depending on sentence length and where paragraphs end, 750 words can take up more or less space. It depends on whether you get more paragraphs in either setting that ends close to the right margin. Lines that end close to the right margin contain fewer wordings in them than lines that end close to the left margin.

Page margins also affect the size of the space that can be taken up by wordings on a single page. A margin is a space between the edge of the page and the borders wherein you can type your content. You can configure margins to fit all the way to the vertical and horizontal ends of a page or shrink them to only a small part of a page. Unlike page size, margins do not affect the overall size of the page. Instead, they grow or shrink the space available on each page for typing wordings into. About how many pages is 750 words? Well, if your margins are huge, you can only use a small part of a page to type in words. 750 words would, therefore, need to be typed into more pages. Conversely, small margins mean that your 750 words would take up less space.

Line Density

Line density has to do with how many characters you can fit into a line. The more characters per line, the higher the line density. Density is directly affected by horizontal character spacing, but it is also affected by indentations and bullet points. Indents and bullets push text in a given line away from the margin, meaning that the line has some space that cannot be filled by text characters. 750 words in a highly indented document or one with many bullet points will noticeably take up more space and, therefore, might take up more pages.

Images, Graphs, Text Boxes, and Tables

Images, graphs, text boxes, and tables are available under the “insert” menu, and they take up space in a document. A document that is filled with only words might fit 750 words in only 3 pages, but if you add a graph or a picture, then the graph or the picture will take up some space. This, therefore, means that your document will grow to take up more pages without necessarily increasing the number of words. Images and graphs can contain words, and these will not increase your word count. They can be a way to increase the amount of communication in a document without increasing the overall word count. Textboxes do the same, but they can also increase the word count of your document. To use textboxes without adding onto the word count, click the word count at the bottom information bar in Word and uncheck the “Include textboxes, footnotes, and endnotes” option.

Tables, on the other hand, increase the word count of your document because the words within tables are counted as ordinary words within your document. Not only do they take up extra space, but they also add to your word count. Answering the question “how many pages do 750 words take up” is therefore difficult where there are a large number of images, graphs, text boxes, and tables. They can both decrease the space available in a page for words and (in the case of text boxes and tables) also add the total number of words in the document.

Footnotes, Endnotes, Headers, and Footers

The standard text area is defined as the spaces between the margins and above the footnote line. Footnotes are used when referencing. They appear at the bottom (the ‘foot’) of the page. The more there are, the more space the footnotes take at the bottom of the page. This, therefore, reduces the amount of space that is available to fill the page with the body text. Headers and footers are content that fits into the tops and bottoms of pages above and below the vertical page margins, respectively. Having a lot of content in either means that the vertical page margins will grow and therefore limit the amount of space available for lines of text. 750 words can take up vastly different page counts where headers, footers, and footnotes take up a lot of the vertical space on each page. Endnotes only appear at the end of the document or section (depending on how they are set up). They, therefore, only really affect the final page of a section or document. 750 words that end with endnotes need additional space at the end to accommodate the endnotes. Depending on how many endnotes there are, there could be either no extra pages or several extra pages added to a 750 words document or section of a document by the endnotes alone!

Our Commitment to Produce Quality 750 Words

We have an excellent understanding of what it takes to write 750 words. Our professional knowledge allows us to predict how many pages 750 words will fit into given the specified font, font size, character spacing, paragraph spacing, margins, etc. This, in turn, helps us understand how to maximize the quality we produce in any given 750 words, no matter the specifics or any requirements for images, graphs, graphs, or the citation method desired.

Another question you might have might be word count in specific and citation style formats, say, “how many pages is 750 words in mla format?” Well, MLA has some specifications about the page size, text size, font type, margins, etc. that can be very detailed or very loose depending on the assignment instructions. Answering the “how many pages is 750 words mla” question requires both an understanding of how the assignment instructions influence the factors affecting word count, as well as understanding the mla format. We are very experienced in a multiplicity of formats, so you can be assured that we can balance both the need to meet a word count as well as an accurate understanding of page count. Using different formats, as we understand well, can result in different page counts for the same number of words. How many pages are taken up by 750 words depends, and we know what it depends on, so you can rely on us!

Timely Delivery of Tasks of 750 Words

Knowing the factors that influence the number of pages taken up by 750 words helps us make accurate predictions on how long an assignment should take to complete. Whether it has strict formatting guides or requires images, graphs, or tables, or it uses footnotes and endnotes, we understand how long it will take to complete. This, therefore, allows us to set precise deadlines and deliver in a good time. 750 words

Quality in Every One of 750 Words We Write

Since we understand what it takes to write 750 words even in particular conditions, we can ensure quality in each of those 750 words.

As you know, planning is everything when it comes to writing effectively. 750 words are a lot, and it is possible to make several mistakes when it comes to completing an assignment that needs 750 words or more. Delivering quality means having a clear plan of how you want to communicate while you are writing. Because we understand how to structure a document to communicate an idea in a given number of words and with specific guidelines, every 750 words we write fits into an effective plan to deliver the overall message. This is the hallmark of the kind of quality writing you can expect from us.

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