How to Write a Robust 5 Paragraph Essay Outline

Writing essays is not the most favorite dish on students’ menu. But for the benefit of their academic performance and growing competence, they have to practice written tasks regularly. Sure, it gets easier with time. After your third essay, completing a top-notch copy overnight would seem like a piece of cake. But if this is your very first assignment…

… we strongly advise you to learn the basics of writing guidelines, use insightful tricks, adhere to good samples, and ALWAYS make an outline. Every successful student with an impeccable track record and excellent time-management skills starts with drafting a structure. Following the best practices is the least you can do to get better at writing. And to perform better academically with ease.

Let’s find out what is a 5 paragraph essay outline, why you need it and how to do it like a pro.

5 Paragraph Essay Outline: Everything You Need To Know

What Are The Key Aspects Of A 5 Paragraph Essay Outline?

  1. 5 Paragraph Essay Outline Template
  2. 5 Paragraph Essay Outline Example
  3. 5 Paragraph Essay Outline Tips
  4. 5 Paragraph Essay Outline Do’s and Don’ts
  5. 5 Paragraph Essay Outline Worksheet
  6. In Case of Essay Writing Emergency…

5 Paragraph Essay Outline Template

To write a perfect work, you need to be organized and focused. Make a little effort and create a layout for your future piece. In case of difficulties, take a look at this 5 paragraph essay outline template:

  1. Introduction.
  • Opening line.
  • A general overview of the topic.
  • Essay statement.
  1. Main body – 1st paragraph.
  • New idea.
  • Supporting evidence.
  • Closing line.
  1. Main body – 2nd paragraph.
  • New idea.
  • Supporting evidence.
  • Closing line.
  1. Main body – 3rd paragraph.
  • New idea.
  • Supporting evidence.
  • Closing line.
  1. Conclusion.
  • Statement summary.
  • Key outcomes.
  • Final word.

Follow this arrangement and get the text written hands-down. Keep on reading to see a detailed explanation of the outline structure.

5 Paragraph Essay Outline Example

Let’s examine a simple 5 paragraph essay outline example. It is a quick explanation of what you are expected to demonstrate as an essay writer. For a demonstrative sample, we chose the following topic: “Social media is the biggest threat to the well-being of our generation”.

Step 1 – Introduction.

Think of an eye-catching opening line for your essay. It should scream: «Attention! You need to read this ASAP”. Drawing the interest of your reader from the very beginning is crucial. An introduction is your way of guiding the audience in the right direction and with the right attitude.

Provide a piece of brief yet exhausting background information on your subject. Select relevant data that underlines the importance of the topic and its urgent character. Explain why you find the issue of social media impact remarkable and noteworthy.

Make a vivid statement. Describe the purpose of the article. What things you would like to cover and how they can help elaborate on the topic. Your essay statement should be the very last sentence that closes the paragraph.

Step 2 – Main body.

Here you have to introduce three different ideas that support your claim. Start with the first argument. For example, “Social media channels are going out of control. Censorship doesn’t always work, and the extent of harmful content grows steadily”.

Give supporting pieces of evidence in favor of your idea. Share examples and references that prove your topical sentence. For example, you can choose a specific social network and research statistical data on censorship accidents that happen to users daily.

Finalize your findings, make a short closing with a smooth transition to the next argument.

Repeat the same procedure for each following paragraph. In total, the main body should consist of three distinct sections, each devoted to an individual topical sentence.

Step 3 – Conclusion.

Begin with your initial statement repetition. Remind your reader of the main purpose and how your ideas have helped implement it. Restate your position regarding the subject, explain how these findings affected your opinion.

Collect the major takeaways to draw the conclusion. Choose significant points and list them briefly, making an insightful summary. Always leave your reader wondering and searching for more. In other words, leave the main question open and available for further contribution.

5 Paragraph Essay Outline Tips

Writing a 5 paragraph essay outline is a challenging task for beginners. Still, it is the best way to learn the fundamentals of academic writing and gain helpful techniques. With every new assignment, your writing and researching skills become better. But for your very first task, it is advisory to seek guidance from a professional author.

Although we cannot teach you to write A+ grade texts, some useful tips will ease the process significantly:

  • Find an ideal topic.

Choosing the right topic is the most important part of writing any academic assignment. Should you fail to find the ultimate theme to work on, the writing process will become a real-life nightmare. The issue has to be currently topical, to be of high value and to come along with limitless sources for referencing. Plus, you, as an author, have to take a personal interest in the subject.

  • Develop various ideas.

Brainstorming is the solution to finding as many ideas for your essay as possible. Do not process one argument after another, rather recite them all together and wait till the list is finalized. Then pick up the most relevant and remarkable ones. Ensure they are logically associated.

  • Create an exact roadmap.

Make a step-by-step guide. Look up to it when writing your essay. Use the outline template we provided before. Make notes for every paragraph, stating what things you need to pay attention to. Follow your exclusive plan sharply and you’ll see: writing academic essays is not that big of a deal.

  • Think of an impressive opening.

If you want your readers to get impressed and interested from the very beginning of your essay, think of a killer opening line. Make it arresting, make it provocative, make it reach out to their hearts. Search for inspiration online or check free essays for great introduction examples.

  • End your article with a strong call-to-action.

It is important to keep your reader interested once the text is over. After all, the goal of any academic writing is to seek solutions to current problems and raise new questions. Speak to your audience and urge them to contribute to the topic with a powerful message at the end of your study.

Note that these recommendations might not work for your case. Every written assignment is individual, so is your viewpoint. You have to develop your unique writing routine to master any essay in a blink of an eye. But before you do so, we hope our best experiences will become your guide in the unknown world of academic writing.

5 Paragraph Essay Outline Do’s and Don’ts

More tips? Let us explain how things work through the table of basic do’s and don’ts.

To complete an astounding piece, keep in mind the following writing prompts:

  • Ensure the equivalent length of the paragraphs.
  • Create a logical flow between your arguments.
  • Use transitional words and phrases to link sentences between the paragraphs.
  • Present time and active voice are your best friends.
  • Enrich your text with variant word choices and synonyms.
  • Adhere to prescribed style requirements.
  • Always edit and proofread in the end.
  • Give yourself a break if needed.

And here are the things you need to stand aside from:

  • Staying away from broad topics means staying away from unwanted troubles.
  • Do not mix your arguments – nobody wants to read a messy text.
  • Keep clear of complex sentences and keep your copy as simple as possible.
  • Avoid trivial clichés, fancy idioms and informal language.
  • Do not exceed your length limit.
  • Past tenses and passive voice are your enemies.
  • But errors and mistypes are the worst enemies ever.
  • Do not postpone the task until the last minute and always save enough time to write your study.

Bear in mind these tricks when working on your essay. As confirmed by our writers’ best experiences, they are the least you need to know to make a decent copy on any subject.

5 Paragraph Essay Outline Worksheet

Doing a 5 paragraph essay outline worksheet is the best solution to give your writing a quick start. Download free sample sheets on the web or create your exclusive paper. Either way, it is a minute-long procedure that will reduce your writing time by half.

Take a blank sheet of paper or create a new document online. Divide it into five equivalent sections. Name each section to avoid unnecessary confusion. Do the sub-sections that piece together every paragraph. Leave enough space between them but try to stay within the required limits. For example, if the prescribed length limit is 1500 characters, you have to make space for 300 characters for each paragraph of the text.

Now, write in missing parts of your essay. Making a brilliant copy with a draft template is much easier. Try it out to see for yourself!

Need More Help With Your 5 Paragraph Essay Outline?

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You deserve a little break!

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