Dissertation Topics: How Not to Be Mistaken

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of the topic for the dissertation. Some educators feel terrified only from mentioning the necessity of taking on dissertation writing. However, if a student feels on his/her plate when overcoming writing challenges, strives for recognition in the academic world, and can boast research talent, there is nothing left ― only to wish good luck. Hold on! But what about professional assistance in dissertation topic selection?

At first, it may seem simple as inventing a topic for a college essay, but if you dig deeper, not everything is so easy. But do not give up. We will do our best to assist with the right choice-making, explaining the most significant moments before making the final decision about the face of your writing ― your dissertation topic!

How to Write an Ideal Topic for Dissertation?

A dissertation is a hallmark of a student. So, when working on a dissertation, some learners do great research that may open a new page in investigations. Still, unfortunately, they often fail with the presentation. So, they stay aside while ordinary creations occupy places of honor. Some dried advice hooks the audience with a dissertation cover and makes everyone admire it.

So, a perfect dissertation topic should:

  • Correspond to academic goals.
  • Offer fresh insight.
  • Bring novelty.
  • Reveal previously unknown facts.
  • Showcase unrecognized relationships and interactions.
  • Demonstrate new looks on old facts.

So, remember about originality and uniqueness and be innovative and creative when thinking about thesis statements. Moreover, your dissertation topic should draw interest and be memorable. Finally, do not forget that making some adjustments to your case is possible if you find it necessary before submission.  

Top Hints to Select the Best Dissertation Topic

Some educators rely only on their feelings and inner sense when choosing the topic for their dissertations. We cannot state that it is wrong, but it is not an expert approach without any doubts. Since we do not write dissertations daily, it is crucial to make informed decisions only. Although there is no strict or academically approved plan, some students rush from websites to libraries looking for a simple but effective way not to lose with a catchy and extraordinary dissertation topic that covers much information and is simple to disclose. 

We strongly recommend you pay attention to our guidelines, which may be helpful when being on the edge of great discovery. In addition, we provide several useful tips to follow when selecting a dissertation topic.

  1. Grab an exciting idea to develop. The topic should not only sound good, but you must possess enough knowledge to discuss, investigate, or argue using facts. So, narrow your search to the subjects you are good at or have studied for some time. If you hesitate about what you are ready to speak about day and night, have lots of interesting moments to tell others, or stop scrolling the web page when suddenly you meet something relevant, that’s it!
  2. Do research. When you face a choice and hesitate between several topics, you should do some initial research. Browse the Internet to ensure that there is enough data on the Internet to refer to. Remember, you should not select the question that was already answered and is fully investigated. Instead, prefer those that are partially investigated and offer a broad field for discoveries. 
  3. It must be catchy. Remember that dissertation writing is a long-lasting process. So, choose a topic that will inspire you even in a month. So, you may prepare some backup ideas if, in several weeks, you will feel tedious and exhausted. 
  4. Be actual. Nobody will read your dissertation if the topic sounds boring and reveals a relevant theme from a century ago. So, when defining the subject, try to pick a modern, exciting, or urgent dissertation topic.
  5. Do not jump over your head. Bear in mind that dissertation writing is a rather time-consuming process, so do not try to cover all possible issues related to your topic since you will have to disclose them in your writing. Try to be concise and do not invent too extended problems. 

The process of dissertation topic selection is rather a responsible part of writing since it is the starting point that gives a push to new research. So, if you feel lost, we may offer you some effective and catchy topics on various subjects.

Literature Dissertation Topic Examples

A literature dissertation is your vocation if you adore reading and can cite prominent poets of antiquity and modernity, read everything that gets into your hands, and know all the peculiarities of literary movements. We want to assist with choosing the topic, offering the trendiest ones. 

  1. Feministic movements in modern literature.
  2. Impact of the digital revolution on world literature.
  3. Poetry of sexual minorities: Distinct features.
  4. Political Sarcasm in Eastern publications.
  5. Rich vocabulary: A distinctive part of plays by William Shakespeare.
  6. Analysis of modern poetry: Literary tools.
  7. Expression of feelings in contemporary literature.
  8. A mix of literary styles: Necessity or tribute to challenges of the contemporary world.
  9. Contractions and slang in literature.
  10. Freedom of speech in British and American literature.
  11. Narrative style: Literary techniques and features.
  12. Impact of cartoons and video games on children’s literature.
  13. Hidden critics of politics and social inequality in literature.
  14. Racial discrimination in the literature of Afro-American writers.
  15. Literature as a tool of social mood expression.  

Dissertation Topic Ideas on History

History is a subject that will include newer exhaust topics for investigations. Every day comes history, and it brings new issues for discussions and studies. Moreover, despite constant research, many debatable questions are still not studied enough and require profound learning. So, many learners still hesitate concerning the expediency of further investigations and the amount of an adequate number of reliable materials to refer to. Therefore, we offer to turn to the list of dissertation topics on history that cover only worthy themes.

  1. Queen Elisabeth II: Symbol of the epoch. Achievements and role for Britain.
  2. The industrial revolution and world development.
  3. Echo of war: Impact of war on social life and progress.
  4. Civil War: East against West. Strong and weak points.
  5. Evolution of weapons during the world wars.
  6. Residual effects of slavery in the modern world.
  7. The most prominent historical figures: Actions that brought the world fame.
  8. Movements for civil rights in the world.
  9. Terroristic states: Ways for defeating.
  10. Successful war strategies.
  11. Women and war: Role, contribution, rights equality.
  12. Nazism in WWII.
  13. Dejavu in history: Events that repeated.
  14. War conflicts in the modern world: Ways to solve and stop.
  15. NATO: Guarantees, safety, reliability.

Innovative Technologies: Examples of Dissertation Topics

It is impossible to imagine our world without modern technologies. It is hard not to underestimate the role of modern inventions in everyday life. Although we used to think that all the innovations and techniques are made to simplify and bring comfort to our life, some unresearched points are still worth attention. So, you may assist with the list below when interested in innovative technologies and looking for a suitable dissertation topic.

  1. Artificial Intelligence: The most successful spheres of implementation.
  2. Smart homes as reliability and security.
  3. The impact of virtual reality on marketing.
  4. Importance of knowing computer language: Prospects and opportunities.
  5. Effect of machine translation on the quality of the text.
  6. Possibilities of robotic machines in comparison with a human brain.
  7. Future of cyber threat and cybersecurity.
  8. Cloud data storage: Benefits and vulnerabilities.
  9. Extraordinary ways of nanotechnologies implementation.
  10. Evolution of computer viruses.
  11. Innovative technologies in space engineering.
  12. Are modern technologies eco-friendly?
  13. Noninvasive treatment and diagnostics using robotic equipment.
  14. Robots have successfully replaced human activity during the last century: Myths and facts.
  15. Computers: Negative impact on the physical and mental health of children.

Dissertation Idea: Topics for Psychology & Neurology

Unfortunately, psychological problems are actual today and become younger yearly. Investigations in psychology and neurology let scientists struggle with new challenges, prevent new diseases and addictions, and cope with existing ones. On the list below, you may get aware and borrow some ideas for your dissertation topic.

  1. Depression treatment with traditional medicines: Efficiency and results.
  2. Mental problems of children and teenagers addicted to social networks.
  3. Impact of video games on the perception of reality.
  4. Home violence: Reflection on child traumas.
  5. Reasons for psychological problems in the modern world.
  6. Epilepsy: Factors of risk and methods of prevention.
  7. Ways of control of neural impulses in the human brain.
  8. Insomnia: Disease of the XXI century.
  9. Anorexia: Psychological reasons and non-medicamental treatment.
  10. Psychosis and schizophrenia based on virtual reality addiction.
  11. Propaganda: A method of controlling the minds of millions. 
  12. Reasons for the antisocial behavior of gamers. 
  13. Ways to combat stress in the modern world.
  14. Effective strategies to interact with people with autism.
  15. New forms of addiction in contemporary society.

Dissertation Topics for Education

Education is progressing like any other field of social life. However, we face different challenges that require the right solutions with progress. So, if you want to examine the education problem on all levels, you may research one of the offered dissertation topics. 

  1. Impact of digital learning on young learners.
  2. Challenges of early education.
  3. Importance of sex education in each stage of school.
  4. Effective methods to control the level of knowledge avoiding stress.
  5. Benefits of applying mobile phones in class.
  6. The necessity of preschool education in socialization.
  7. Effective ways of online teaching.
  8. School uniform: Prohibition of individualism or norm of society?
  9. Quality of education in private and public schools.
  10. Advantages and disadvantages of single-sex schools.
  11. Time for home assignments without harm to health.
  12. Relation between abnormal posture and sitting time in elementary schools.
  13. The necessity of new disciplines in modern schools.
  14. Religious and racial education as counterparts in school study.
  15. Impact of tutors on career choice of graduates.

Good Dissertation Topics on Climate and Ecology

Although ecology may seem a distant problem, we notice the results of ecology neglect in everyday life. Moreover, some ecological and climate issues require urgent solutions and must not be delayed. In addition, modern eco-friendly technologies still need investigation. So, if you want to make input in solving global problems, you may start by selecting the right dissertation topic

  1. Eco-friendly technologies: Positive impact on ecology.
  2. Ecological problems of third-world countries.
  3. Methods to clean water at home.
  4. Battery utilization: Benefits for ecology.
  5. Effect of planting trees on climate changes.
  6. Consequences of global warming on island countries.
  7. Can electric cars save the planet?
  8. What can natural resources be replaced to eliminate harm to the Earth?
  9. Plastic recycling is a way to protect unique fauna and flora.
  10.  Endangered species: Relation to unthoughtful human activity.
  11. Extreme weather and climate change interdependence.
  12. Governmental control over ecological issues.
  13. Alternative ways of energy: Prospects and threats.
  14. Dangers of urban life from an environmental perspective.
  15. How can each human contribute to world ecology: Small steps in a big run.

Bright Dissertation Topic Ideas for Business & Management

Good management and leadership skills are necessary for achieving business success. Numerous research reveals new problems and tries to find ways of improving business and relations with employees. So, if you devote yourself to studying this problem, you may find a list of dissertation topics to select the best.

  1. Leadership traits of country leaders and successful managers.
  2. Management of remote staff.
  3. Benefits of management schools.
  4. How AI impacts modern business.
  5. How to increase customer retention rate and satisfaction level?
  6. The success of strategic planning.
  7. Peculiarities of cross-cultural interaction.
  8. Human resources challenges in online business.
  9. How to overcome the financial crisis: Big corporations and small businesses.
  10. Modern trends in management and industry.
  11. Challenges of doing business online.
  12. Management of freelance personnel.
  13. Qualified employees’ impact on productivity.
  14. The necessity to finance stall education and development.
  15. Joint meetings as a team-building form.

Final Note

A good dissertation depends on the right and creative topic. Since unmatured students find it difficult to decide on a relevant and urgent issue, expert advice may come in handy for those in need. So, the list of topics is unique and relevant. We offer to use any suitable variant and develop it or compose a similar dissertation topic referring to the showcased samples.


Which topic is best for the dissertation?

Selecting the best topic for a dissertation, you should consider numerous moments starting from the topic’s relevancy to the proper amount of credible resources to refer to. Of course, the choice also depends on your study subject and background knowledge. So, when making your final choice, you should thoroughly investigate the problem and not research obvious issues. 

How do I find a unique dissertation topic?

Since there is a high interest in some topics today, it is required to bring novelty to your research. So, when choosing the topic for investigations, it is advisable to browse the Internet to ensure that you do not plagiarize previously written studies. Or you may consult our list of original dissertation topics. 

How long is a dissertation?

The scope of your dissertation depends on the amount of information and research. The average length of dissertations is 100-300 pages, including all the required formatting sections. The scope also depends on the country and mastery level. As a rule, tutors indicate the size in general requirements. 

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