Why Is It Important to Know How to Cite a Research Paper?

Citation is an important part of every research paper. The correct form of citation helps to avoid plagiarism. Another important fact why you need to know how to cite in a research paper is because your article should be written according to all academic requirements.

So it’s crucial to understand how to manage quotes from different sources and input them correctly into your scientific work.

Citation In Research Paper Example: Types of Research Formats

If you are studying humanitarian sciences, in this case, you’re most likely writing many research papers or essays. This section will provide you with some of the most common research formats and their features in a citation. We want to provide information about three of the most famous formats: ASA, MLA, and APA. Be sure that after we take a closer look at them, you will be much closer to understanding how to cite in a research paper.


ASA or American Sociological Association format is well-known among sociologists; most likely, you have already guessed why. But it will be wrong to think that this format is used only in sociological papers. You can also use this type of format in other different subjects that belong to humanities.

This type of formatting implies standard formatting such as double-spaced with Times New Roman font. And in citing, it has the following structure: name of author, year, title, country, and publisher.


You should use this formatting type to understand how to cite in a research paper. MLA is also well-known as the modern language association format. Do not worry because even if you are writing the research paper for the first time, it will not cause any difficulties for you since it is also pretty similar to the previous research format. You will also use standard font size and double spacing in MLA format.

However, in citing, you will have to follow such an order: author’s name, book’s title, city of publishing, name of publisher, year of publishing, and medium.


The American Psychological Association is pretty common for students of humanities and especially representatives of psychological faculties. Such as the previous research paper formats, APA formatting has some general writing requirements, such as the standard size of the font and double spacing on the standard size of paper. In addition, APA requires the following order in citing: author’s surname and initials and year of publication, the article’s title, city of publishing, and do not forget about the state.

Research Paper Citation: Main Reasons Why It’s Important To Include Citation

A lot of students still do not understand the importance of citation, and they continue to make the same common mistakes.

Citation is a necessary component of any scientific research paper, and any other writing stage requires the same serious attitude. We want to draw your attention to the fact that understanding how to cite in a research paper will provide you with a better grade for your research paper. In this section, we provide you with some of the most important reasons for implementing citation in your research paper.

So here they are as follows.

Avoiding plagiarism

This is probably one of the most important reasons you should include quotations in your essay. Unfortunately, without proper citation, you will be unable to avoid plagiarism. And it has serious consequences in the form of a decrease in the overall score for your work and a negative grade on your research paper. So, please don’t underestimate the importance of having skills on how to cite in a research paper since it is essential for the quality of your paper.

Proper padding of the used sources

If you want to understand how to cite in a research paper and why it is essential, here is another significant reason. With the help of citation, you can properly add the list of the used sources and literature. For example, you want to add a quote from some author, and knowing how to cite in a research paper will be helpful for you.

Research Paper Citation Example: How To Choose The Proper Format For Citation?

Another question that may pop out along with how to cite in a research paper is a question of how to choose the proper format for quoting. However, it’s not so difficult, and you just need to draw your attention to some necessary facts that will help you to understand how to cite a research paper. So here they are:

  •     Read the assignment carefully
  •     Choose according to your subject
  •     Lear the quoting formats from the identical research papers

Citation Research Paper: Conclusion

So here we are after our article on how to cite in a research paper. As you have already understood, there will be no difficulties in this matter; you just need to follow your assignment’s requirements, choose the proper research paper format, and add some patience. We guarantee you that every one of your classmates will ask you about how to cite in a research paper.


How to cite in a research paper?

To make a proper citation in your research paper, choose the format and follow the quoting requirements. As you can see, everything is pretty simple.

What is the best format of citation in a research paper?

Do not rush to choose the format for citation. First, read your paper’s assignment carefully and check some similar articles. Only after that choose the citation format based on the learned information.

Is it challenging to add quotes to research papers?

It’s not difficult; you must follow the chosen format’s requirements; you know how to cite a research paper.

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