How to Write a Problem Statement?

While writing a research paper, many students are faced with the task of writing a problem statement. Most have difficulty because they don’t understand what needs to be written. Everything is very simple, the problem statement is a brief description of the research problem that you will talk about. 

The statement should describe a specific problem, talk about how you want to solve it, and show its relevance. You can also write here about why readers need to know about this problem and what methods you will use to solve it.

Before proceeding to the task, you need to familiarize yourself with how to write a problem statement. You may need to write a description of a problem in different areas and it often has a different structure in different areas. In case you are describing a problem to improve the project, this will serve as the first and decisive step in its implementation. So is the wording of the problem, which depends on the area and topic of the issue that you will be discussing. 

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Creating a Problem Statement

Writing a problem statement is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Here you need to choose the right wording that will provide a basis for what is already known about it. In addition, you need to show why this problem is important and talk about the relevance of your research.

When posing a problem, you need to not only describe it, but also tell readers why it is important that it be solved and, with the help of this, change and improve a specific project. It is important to remember that the problem should be relevant to the topic of your research and be exciting and relevant enough.

Also important in writing a problem statement is setting goals that you will pursue throughout the study. When describing a problem, it is important to talk about how you are going to solve it and what your goals are. The main goal of the solution should not be a final solution, but a description of your approach to solving the problem.

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Examples of Problem Statements

If you want to get the most out of your research, write a problem statement to help you show the relevance of the issue you’re talking about. To understand how it should look like, you can read a short guide from the specialists of our service, which will surely help you write successful papers:

  • The first step is to write a conceptualization of the problem. Here you need to talk about the problem, describe it, and make it so that the reader understands what will be discussed. For example, “The company had 10 employees, 4 of whom left due to low wages.”
  • After that, you need to show the importance of the problem. In this section, you can talk about what consequences it leads to and what will be the result after it is decided. “In today’s world, many companies do not care about their employees, and as a result they lose good specialists. With the help of minor salary increases, employers will be able to retain employees and improve the quality of their work.”
  • And finally, you need to set goals. With this part, you should tell readers about your goals in studying this problem and what results you expect. Try not to deviate from the topic and talk only about the specific problem that you have chosen. “Salary is the main reason for employees to work in the firm, so by raising them, every business owner will be able to create a wonderful working atmosphere and joy on the faces of workers.” 

With these simple steps, you can create a successful problem statement that is understandable and relevant to your readers. In addition, you can read examples of problem statements and make sure that this task is not difficult, but simple and interesting.

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What are the 3 parts of the problem statement?

Often a problem statement consists of three parts, this is a description of a specific problem, which should be clearly articulated and talk about why it is important; ways to solve this problem, which may have different formulations and goals that you pursue when studying this problem.

What is a good problem statement?

A good problem statement should describe in detail the consequences of its occurrence and the changes that can be made by solving this problem. The wording should show the relevance of the problem and options for influencing it to remove the negative consequences.

How long should a problem statement be?

Many students ask how long a problem statement should be. It should not be too long, one page should be enough to describe in detail the problem you are researching without using a lot of water in the text.

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