Nature vs Nurture Argument Essay 101

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Nature vs Nurture Argument Essay

At the start, let’s explain what this essay should be about. You some scientists stick to the ideas of natural theories and also those who study ideas of nurture. In this paper, people can share their experiences, opinions, and some new points of view. This essay has two determined positions, and the student’s goal is to explain why the first or second, or both theories deserve attention and support. Both groups of scientists we mentioned above, play a quite important role in studying development and evolution on our planet.

Needless to say, for many students, creating a Nature vs Nurture argument essay may seem like a very difficult task. But if you will look through our detailed instructions and simple hints, everything can be easier than you think. Of course, you will have to plan your time and follow all the tips to make a successful paper. We suggest writing an outline before you will start working on the manuscript. With a good outline, you will have higher chances to create an interesting and logical essay. Prepare to spend a lot of time with writing because this subject isn’t so easy and you will need to make research before you start making the essay.

Nature vs Nurture Debate Essay Tips

Needless to say, your future paper must have a good structure. You can see all the requirements in your task to understand what format and structure to use. Teachers sometimes give their special recommendations or leave for students to make everything following the main essay standards. When you’re working on the essay, use a 3-paragraphs structure for your future paper:

  • A Nature vs Nurture essay introduction. In the beginning, you should write a description of the conflict between nurture and nature aspects. You can use here well-known facts, quotes, statistics, or a rhetorical question to attract readers from the first line of your manuscript. In the introduction, you need to write a thesis statement that introduces your essay’s argument. Here you should note which side of the debate is yours. In the introduction, there is no need to describe the opposite views but you need to write key arguments and facts to highlight in a body paragraph.
  • A Nature vs Nurture essay body paragraphs. Start the main paragraph with topic sentences. Write some general information on the chosen topic in the first paragraph and put the opposing opinions in the next ones. You need to support each statement with a citation, evidence, or a reference. Build your essay logically where all the body paragraphs support your thesis. Help your readers to understand and discuss the subject with metaphors. But be respectful if you are writing about any sensitive issues.
  • A Nature vs Nurture essay conclusion. This is the final part of your paper where you have to restate a thesis. Sum up the most important things for each paragraph but do it briefly. Here you can make a call to action or suggest people make additional research on the subject. After the conclusion, you need to write a reference list in a format following your teacher recommendations.

30 Great Nature vs Nurture Essay Topics

Selecting an interesting topic is an important step that shouldn’t be ignored. You need to pick up a subject that will attract readers’ attention. Sometimes it’s difficult for students to generate interesting ideas for future papers. Read these 30 great Nature vs Nurture essay topics and choose an interesting subject to write about!

  1. Nature vs Nurture genetically identical twins.
  2. Nature vs Nurture genetic difference between men and women.
  3. Nature vs Nurture mental illness.
  4. Nature vs Nurture sexual orientation.
  5. Nature vs Nurture fraternal twins.
  6. Nature vs Nurture child development.
  7. Nature vs Nurture cognitive skills.
  8. Nature vs Nurture genetic determinism.
  9. Nature vs Nurture gender differences.
  10. Nature vs Nurture corporal punishment.
  11. Nature vs Nurture sex and gender.
  12. Nature vs Nurture human beings.
  13. Nature vs Nurture psychology.
  14. Nature vs Nurture relatively.
  15. Nature vs Nurture maternal behaviors.
  16. Nature vs Nurture environmental and genetic determinants of happiness.
  17. Nature vs Nurture human cloning.
  18. Nature vs Nurture genetic or biological determinism.
  19. Nature vs Nurture individual genetic code.
  20. Nature vs Nurture human brain.
  21. Nature vs Nurture analyses of sexuality.
  22. Nature vs Nurture DNA contributions.
  23. Nature vs Nurture intelligence.
  24. Nature vs Nurture character development.
  25. Nature vs Nurture the first experiment.
  26. Nature vs Nurture personal identity.
  27. Nature vs Nurture genetic markers.
  28. Nature vs Nurture human behavior evolution.
  29. Nature vs Nurture biblical interpretation.
  30. Nature vs Nurture individual success.

Feel free to select any of these Nature vs Nurture essay ideas, or think up your topics but remember you have to research the chosen subject before you start. You have to understand clearly what to write in your future paper. for some students, it’s helpful to find and read good examples of essays written by others. You can search online and read many completed papers to understand how to build your essay.

Do’s and Don’ts of Nature vs Nurture Essays

When you’re working on the essay, you need to make a deep research on the subject plus find some interesting facts to attract readers. Follow these useful do’s and don’ts tips to make a successful paper without wasting your time:


  1. Write down the most interesting ideas and thoughts on the subject. You have to choose a topic that inspires you and makes you interested in writing. This will help you to create an interesting manuscript to inspire others.
  2. Select the most catchy subject. Avoid generic and too common topics but find something that can be researched well. Of course, for example, alien DNA sounds like quite an exciting subject but you will not be able to find enough sources to create a good essay on this topic. Choose a relevant subject you can support easily with evidence from various sources.
  3. Create an outline for your future paper. even if your teacher told nothing about it, make a short plan before you start writing. This will help you to keep all the ideas and thoughts organized and clear. A good outline saves a lot of time. A clear plan will help you to finish your paper without problems.


  1. Work alone on your Nature vs Nurture debate essay. Try to work with other students in a team and you will complete your paper faster.
  2. Make your essay trivial. Write any unusual and unique facts to make the discussion more interesting.

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