The Place to Acquire a Documented Essay Example and Writing Tips

Writing a documented essay enables a student to gain experience in dealing with authentic documents, argumentation, and interpretation in favor of a particular thesis. Moreover, writing this kind of essay is not as tough as it is perceived. All you need is to do to write a quality essay is to understand the few basic principles and rules required. Furthermore, you need to be in proper health status to invoke an appropriate concentration necessary for conducting meticulous research.
Documented Essay Example and Writing Tips

Secondly, you need to ensure you have enough time to go through the instructions and understand the theme and scope of the essay you are about to compose. Thirdly, you should have proper researching and, most importantly, writing skills. With all this in place, writing astounding documented essays becomes easy. However, there is much more you should know before beginning your documented article. Therefore, tighten your belt, get set as you wait to be taken through documented article writing expedition.

First and foremost, what’s a documented essay definition? It is a piece of composition that entails incorporating information regarding a particular theme with facts, opinions, and arguments extracted from scholarly sources from a precise field. Below is an in-depth procedure involved in writing a top-class documented composition.

How to Choose Manageable Documented Essay Topics

Since a documented paper incorporates arguments, facts, and opinions about a particular subject, you need to choose a topic that you can handle without a problem. Therefore, start by reviewing all the instructions to identify the central theme of the essay expected of you. After acquiring the subject, formulate some ideas relevant to the problem statement.  The ideas will help you come up with a research question that would play a role when choosing the topic for the documented write-up.

The research question will help you navigate through the topics for the documented write-up while confirming whether the information acquired will be enough to draft an essay of the required volume. If the topic of the documented work is a subject, you are so passionate about, handling it will be easy. Moreover, having enjoyable, documented essay topics make work more manageable since it is easily researchable and has numerous facts and evidence on the subject.

Documented Paper Topics to Get You Started

Documented essays require the selection of a topic that you are overwhelmingly familiar with the subject. Thus, students are advised to choose topics they are passionate about to invoke the smooth writing process that entails zero hiccups. Selecting a topic-subject that interests you or the one that you have a first-hand encounter-with makes the writing process natural at the same time consumes little time. Below are relevant topics for documented essay that you should consider for your essay of documented nature:

  • Role of media in spreading crime
  • Effects of violence in achieving the socio-economic status
  • Subsequent implications of social networking in steering war
  • Negative impacts of mass media on a country’s economy
  • The relevance of war in instilling a democratic process in a state

A Quick Tip for a Reliable Documented Essay Outline

A well-defined document article topic equates to half of the job done. The topic will enable you to conduct a thorough research about the problem statement while referring to a variety of facts and evidence. Therefore, you need to have a reliable plan for your work shortly after choosing the topic and before you commence writing.

Draft an outline that puts your research into the exact context required while providing the documented paper framework. You should begin with an introduction as a subheading and under it provide some various aspects that would guide you into writing the first paragraph. For example, you can start with a short sentence that highlights the opening clause of the essay, and besides, provide some central points that will feature in the introductory paragraph. Lastly, end with a short sentence that quotes the thesis statement.

Move to the body paragraph, highlight the opening sentence, followed by the central to be discussed in the paragraph, and below it provide a closing remark. The closing clause should be written in a way that reminds the writer to reiterate how the point to be discussed is relevant to the thesis statement. Therefore, each body paragraph should be different from each other, presenting how a particular idea reflects the central theme of the documented write-up.

Lastly, write the conclusion as a subheading, below it provides the opening clause that should reflect the concise summary you’ll present in the main essay. Provide a universal point that will help you come up with an evaluative closing statement about the entire essay. Therefore, with a properly headed and bulleted documented essay outline, writing the essay becomes more natural and takes little time.

A Supplementary Tip for Formatting a Documented Paper Properly

A properly written documented piece adheres to all the essay writing elements. Besides, the structure of a document plays an essential role since it guides the reader into reviewing different texts presented in the essay. Below is what you require to end up with top-class documented paper.

  • An introductory paragraph introduces the context and topic
  • The main body explains the central ideas
  • The conclusion concisely summarizes the major points

The Ultimate Guideline on How to Write a Documented Essay Flawlessly

Besides composing a highly readable write-up with good sentence structure and proper grammar that invokes a logical flow, the formation of a documented article is equally essential. Below is the appropriate three-segment structure you’ll need to abide by when writing a documented article.

Writing a Good Documented Paper Introductory Paragraph

Here, you need to counter check the initial outline. Therefore start by introducing the topic and context to the audience. Make the audience to understand what your documented write-up talks about, but see to it that you present a brief possible introduction. Do not say much. However, the opening clause of your essay should be as catchy as possible, beginning with a hook to keep the audience in suspense eager to know what unfolds on the next part of your essay.

Moreover, here you’ll give a highlight of theory and facts interpretations. In the end, close the introductory section with a thesis statement that quotes the theme of the essay and at the same time, provides the content flow of the entire essay. However, it is also important to note that the thesis statement should be at most 2 sentences and cannot be interrupted or changed throughout the entire essay. Hence, you should be very careful when referring to documents.  Ensure that they are reliable, relevant, and, most importantly, cited in the absolute right way as required.

Features of an Excellent Body for the Documented Write-Up

The main body of a documented paper is the nerve center of such writing. Therefore, you should be very careful about what to include in this part. Below are the things to consider when writing this segment of the essay:

  • Begin with a catchy opening clause that introduces the precise central idea to the reader

Make the reader understand your arguments and theories revolving on how this point contributes to bringing out the central theme of the paper. Since documented article entails evidence, facts, and opinion, you need to back up your arguments with quotes extracted from a scholarly source. Induce the target audience’s mind. Let them know that all your presentations are not vague but well researched and obtained from define sources that are available for reference purposes.

  • Maintain a readable length

Do not compose long paragraphs that may be tedious and tiresome for the reader. Make your paragraphs short. Five to six lines will be enough for a paragraph.

  • Arrange points logically

There are two approaches to arranging your arguments. You can start with the most significant points/the strongest arguments and end with the least significant ones. Also, you can first present the least significant points and end with the strongest one. Noteworthy, every argument or idea should be expressed in a distinct paragraph. This helps to avoid confusing readers.

  • Acknowledge other authors

Since the documented paper mainly focuses on works that have already been done by other scholars, you should cite or quote ideas that are not yours. Doing so will demonstrate that you researched and found some concrete evidence to support your claims. Stick to the citation style that your professor has recommended.

  • End the body of the documented paper properly

Conclude this section by a closing phrase that reiterates the thesis statement while affirming how the central idea in question contributes to bringing out the central theme of the documented paper.

Concluding Documented Essays

Similar to any other academic write-up, a well-written documented article should have a conclusion. The conclusion, however, needs to be concise and memorable to make the reader remember the entire content presented through the universal text written in the end. Moreover, you should note that this section is very crucial. Most of the assessors’ review this section to root out what the entire documented paper talks about. Thus, ensure that you present well-structured sentences well punctuated to bring out manifest content. Do not make the reviewer dig deeper than expected to understand your writing intentions.

Lastly, end your documented piece by showcasing how the arguments presented to align with the paper’s thesis statement. Achieving all these procedures in a write-up, however, requires self-determination and sacrifice, without which you may end up writing a substandard draft worth low-performance. Thus, how to write a documented essay shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Incorporate the tips in your writing and come up with well-written facts and arguments that give your research a sense of credibility.

Never forget the bibliography. After presenting your claims, create a list of the sources that contain the ideas that you borrowed. Again, stick to the referencing method specified by your instructor.

How to Maintain Consistency and Order of Your Documented Composition

Now that you’ve completed writing your essay and the submission deadline is far away, take time out before going through it. Depending on the timeline instructed to deliver, choose the most appropriate time out, for example, hours, days, weeks, or even months. Come back when refreshed, open the completed essay, and go through it. Going through the entire essay will help you identify hiccups that bring about the irregular flow of the documented paper.  Thus, ensure you are far away from any distractors that can confuse you when reading the essay loudly. Mark the parts you encounter a hiccup when reading the whole document.

Move to the first paragraph. Read it loudly more than once to identify any irregular flow of content. Have all the paper writing elements in mind, such as sentence structure, grammar, and spelling, among others. Start scrutinizing the paper based on every aspect that constitutes a well-written text. Finalize by checking sentence after a sentence in each paragraph to identify any mistake that would have gone unnoticed.

After you are done with the writing elements, figure out the contextual aspects that might have missed in the essay. You can as well use a documented argument essay example to figure out whether any contextual aspect necessary for its composition is missing. Moreover, you can also review a documented essay sample to give you an insight into different elements that constitutes a great write-up of such type.

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