How to Write an Analytical Paragraph: Your Detailed Guide

If you are already studying at college, you should prepare for a lot of academic writing. There are many literary paper types, one of which is an analytical paragraph. We understand that some of you have already written some analytical sections. But what should you do if you still do not understand the purpose of writing? Do not worry because everything will fall into place after you read this article. We assure you that even if something were unclear to you with this type of paper, our article would help you finally deal with the analytical paragraphs as a professional.

What Is an Analytical Paragraph?

This type of work is a form of descriptive writing aimed at uncovering and developing students’ analytical and descriptive skills. Usually, an analytical paragraph implies that the student will be offered some data that he will need to analyze and create a work based on the analysis. This type of paper is frequently used in most different spheres, so it can be that your teacher will ask you to write one. One of the main features of this type of work is that the analytical paragraph is pretty short, and usually, its volume is limited to 150-200 words. So if you are worried that you will need to write thousands of words, you can sleep peacefully. Nevertheless, we continue, and next in line, we have different types of analytical paragraphs.

Example of Analytical Paragraph: What Are the Main Types of the Analytical Paragraphs?

As you may already have guessed, a typical analytical paragraph has a lot of different types. But of course, you may not know all of them, but still, it’s essential for your understanding of analytical paragraph tasks. Your teacher may provide you with different tasks you need to achieve with the help of the analytical paragraph. But you need to understand that to complete the tasks as expected from you, you will need to use some specific types of analytical paragraphs, and in this section, we propose you take a closer look at each of them. 


In this type of analytical paragraph, usually, students are offered to analyze the problem based on some information. It could be anything, but of course, you need to choose the topic of discussion according to your related subject. As a result, you should present a detailed analysis of the proposed problem to your readers, but that’s not all. In conclusion, you should offer a hypothetical solution to the discussed issue.


In the case of this type of analytical paragraph, students are usually proposed to deal with some information in the form of charts, tables, or other forms of data presentation. During your work, you are expected to study some data to provide a detailed analysis and a solution to the problem that has been asked during this research. Usually, this type of analytical paragraph is presented in statistics or other exact sciences. 

Process-Description Oriented

In this case, in your analytical paragraph, you need to focus on some processes that will be displayed in graphs and functions. This type of process-description analytical paragraph is usually used in economics or other related subjects since this type of paragraph is explicitly aimed at dealing with such problems. 


This type of analytical paragraph is aimed at generally oriented information. In this case, you will be proposed to do research based on some information that will be posted in the format of text or other information components. But do not worry because, despite your paper type, your work should be limited to 150-200 words.


In this type of analytical paragraph, you will have two deals with two similar processes. So it doesn’t even have to be a map. In this case, you will need to make a detailed analysis of two methods or subjects and provide a result of your comment. Then, depending on the essence of your paper, you will either have to give the work’s impact or a tentative solution.

Analytical Paragraph Writing: Main Structural Parts

Like any other academic paper, your analytical paragraph will consist of some essential structural parts. But do not worry, because as you already have understood, the analytical section is not the most extended piece of academic writing, so it will not consist of many parts. And if you have already written academic essays, it will be much easier to finish your analytical paragraph. Nevertheless, let’s not pull events and dive straight into the main components.

  • Introduction. Of course, you will not be able to start your analytical paragraph without a proper introduction. But do not worry; unlike essays or term papers, the introduction for your analytical section should not be too long. You need to briefly explain the discussed question to your readers and cut your opening into three to four sentences.
  • Body. The body of your analytical paragraph is the most massive and informative part of your paper. In the body, you will have to put the analytical component of the discussed topic, so it’s crucial to make it as informative as possible. However, you should not confuse the essay’s body, for example, with the body of your analytical paragraph because your analytical section should focus more on the analytical component. And, of course, it’s also worth mentioning that the body will take up most of your work. Therefore, you will need to focus on this.
  • Conclusion. And the final part of your paper will be the conclusion. In this section, you will have to summarize your analytical paragraph and determine the main points you achieved. Regarding volume, your decision should not be longer than your introduction.

Analytical Paragraph Writing Examples: Why Are Examples Important?

So we have already discussed the main points of your analytical paragraph, but it could be that you still might have some questions. In this case, we still have some secret tricks up our sleeves called examples. We understand that sometimes it may be tough to understand the essence of the question just from a guide and instructions. That’s why you can always be free to explore some analytical paragraph examples to make it more straightforward for you. 

How Long Will It Take to Write an Analytical Paragraph?

Since the analytical paragraph is a brief academic paper, writing this type of work will not take too long. However, you can do it even faster if you have experience writing such assignments. But even if you are writing it for the first time, follow our instructions, and we assure you that you will receive an A+ for your analytical paragraph


How long should an analytical paragraph be?

An analytical paragraph is one of the shortest types among all academic papers. Thus, it would help if you did not worry about the volume because the analytical section will usually be limited to only two hundred words. Therefore, do not try to increase volume; better focus on the quality of your work.

What makes a good analytical paragraph?

If you want to create a successful analytical paragraph, you must focus on your section’s analytical component. You need to provide a qualitative analysis of the topic of your discussion and if you manage to deal with it, be sure that your paper will receive a good mark. 

How to start an analytical paragraph?

There is nothing complicated in starting your analytical paragraph. Like any other academic paper, your section will start from the introduction. Then, you will need to briefly introduce the topic to your readers and explain the purpose of writing your analytical paragraph

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