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Mankind has strived to gain excellence in different fields. Science has been one of the major agents that have enabled gaining the progress. The field of medical science has equipped mankind with various features and facilities. It has become a real concept with practical cases of people being treated under cloning. Some people have found themselves assisted through artificial leg others artificial eye. Cloning is one of the gifts of modern medical science which has given a new dimension to the overall concept of the human gene and biology. While cloning has been under debate and criticism in mankind it has found its practices largely in the plants that are cloned for the purpose of increasing the productivity and sales. There have been traces of cloning in the animals. The Dolly Sheep case took the world by storm in 1997 when the cloning case was successfully brought forth. Since then serious debate started with regard to using the same concept and biological advances to facilitate the mankind.

What is cloning all about

Cloning is basically the replication of the human gene chemistry through modern scientific and biological alteration of the gene. It is basically creating of copy/ replica from an original gene within the human body. The concept has been under a lot of debate and controversy. Human cloning and altering the human cells gene is one of the developments that have come about in the form of modern science advances.

Clone as a whole and cloning the part of body

The discussion of cloning takes part in two places. One is its usage towards reproduction of entire human body; the second aspect is the usage towards facilitating any impute part of body through artificial medical means.

Ethics of cloning

Moral and ethical aspects of cloning

There are certain moral aspects considerations that have stirred a serious debate across the world among the developers of this science. More serious criticism has flown in from the religious mindsets who believe it to be tempering with the way of nature and decisions made by nature.

A source of blessing:

The medical side of cloning advocates its usage in more stronger terms. The case of various dangerous cells within the body being harmful to the natural growth can be cured and replaced by the other cells which may be helpful towards natural growth. Cancer is one disease which can be cured through cloning. Similarly the lack of proper cells growth and other fast paced growth of components inside may be made possible through cloning.

Curing infertility

The case is being defended through the possible facilitation of patients who may have certain deficiency in the gene or other natural cell productions. Many couples come across issues of not being able to bear children. Cloning provides them with the options and alternatives of having offspring through biological alteration and replication of gene.

Understanding the prospects and predicting the future is highly important in this regard. It must be ensured and addressed to know that the process may just be the tipping point towards further explorations and developments in the long run. It may go on to become something that may be used against mankind and humanity in the longer run.

The case of the United States of America

The topic of cloning took a center stage in the United States. The views of two major parties, Democrats and Republicans had their horns locked over the case and it even became part of their political election manifesto. To some it is a secular idea where the concept of natural will and nature’s choices is being rejected. Concerns prevail with the future of mankind and future of science if such trends persisted in the longer run.

To others it is concept of facilitating the mankind and helping them overcome any short coming which may be as a result of natural event or other during the life issues occurrence such as road side accident, loss of organ of body or other essential component which virtually results in handicapped living for further life. Future risks in terms of an unclear future and possible abuse of technology and biological advances in future may trouble the mankind.

Despite the criticism, cloning remains of the most successful achievement of medical science in the 20th century and it is here to stay despite the opposition. Legislation and channelizing the concept may help using this development more effectively.