100 Good Argumentative Essay Topics: The Ultimate Guide For 2024

Essay topics should not only be informative but also interesting for school children. Most often, argumentative essay topics for middle school are chosen from relevance and popularity, so that it would be informative not only for the storyteller but also for the audience. School essays seem boring for modern children, who know little about life, its problems and aspects, so the correctly selected theme will attract their attention. If children are interested in, they will be able to extract some information that will be useful for their future life.

Many experts offer to choose smart argumentative essay topics for high school and to give children information in an understandable form. If you do not like classic literature, then you will not read Byron or Goethe. Children have this particular feature – they will not listen if it is not interesting for them. For example, you choose two topics for high school: relationship problems in American families. Such a theme is always relevant, but it sounds too boring to interest a teenager. Add a few clear words for the children: How the Simpsons show relationships in American families. It will be the best choice for the title because this cartoon is loved by many people around the world.

25 Smart Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

  • Your attitude to keeping animals in a zoo. Using animals in the circus.
  • Why do football players earn more than people who save lives?
  • What age is more relevant for creating a family?
  • The dependence of people on gadgets. Is it good or bad?
  • Why are abortions banned in many countries? Your opinion on this topic.
  • 3 of the most important developments of humanity. Why?
  • What would you do if you became a president?
  • What is a good movie for you?
  • Your opinion on modern pop music.
  • Is graffiti art or vandalism?
  • Why do we pay taxes?
  • What is a good Hollywood blockbuster?
  • Conflicts between children and parents. The reasons.
  • Should teachers have a certain form of clothing?
  • Using exercise books or computers?
  • The best methods for conducting a school lesson.
  • Why can sex be dangerous?
  • How can we keep the air clean?
  • The advantages of robotic and living animals for home.
  • Are libraries relevant now?
  • Why do older people need special care?
  • Reading a real book or online version on a tablet?
  • What active games are popular on the picnic?
  • If you could meet with any person from the present or past time, who will it be? What would you discuss?
  • Should the weapon be legal?

25 Advanced Argumentative Essay Topics For College

  • Policy issues. What do people want?
  • Testing cosmetics and medical products on animals.
  • Should man use the energy of the atom?
  • Modern art – what is it?
  • How to protect endangered species of animals and plants from extinction?
  • Free access to pornography on the Internet.
  • How to protect yourself from viruses?
  • Do the countries respect the veterans?
  • Your opinion on genetic engineering.
  • Can the rapid development of technologies lead to a catastrophe?
  • How do we harm our planet?
  • What is aids?
  • The attitude of society to homosexual people.
  • Does social status affect relationships between people?
  • Model industry. Sacrifices for beauty.
  • Why many politicians do not help people and looking for benefits for themselves?
  • What are the ethical standards?
  • Ecology problems and human influence.
  • Plagiarism in music and art.
  • Journalists and privacy of popular people.
  • The difference between an online friend and a real friend.
  • Changing of the climate.
  • Does clothing style emphasize individuality?
  • Should marijuana be legal?
  • The harm of drugs and excessive use of alcohol.

25 Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should judges make a decision only on the basis of law or for the benefit of society?
  • Why countries cannot live in peace? Main reasons for conflicts.
  • Why should we help other people?
  • Can the United States or Russia prevent the Third World War?
  • Is the existing school structure should be changed?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the monarchy.
  • Can someone or something in the country be higher than the law?
  • How to reduce crime in the Third World?
  • Can parents use physical strength to raise their children?
  • How many countries have a social security service to help needy and disadvantaged citizens?
  • How to prevent active deforestation?
  • Do social payments help single mothers and unemployed people?
  • Should the government ban same-sex marriage?
  • Can anyone become a politician or does it require certain qualities of character?
  • Can homosexual partners raise children?
  • Can the church be in the same position as government and law?
  • Can religious beliefs cause conflicts?
  • The impact of the globalization of society.
  • Why wild tribes still disappearing from our planet?
  • Can citizens absolutely trust the government of their country?
  • Can control weapons reduce the level of crimes?
  • How to solve the water supply problems in African tribes?
  • Can the colonization of Mars help our humanity in the event of a global catastrophe?
  • Why countries should not use nuclear weapons?
  • Drug industry in Brazil.

25 Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

  • How does divorce affect children?
  • God is real?
  • Anonymity in social networks.
  • Driving a car in a drunken state.
  • Faith is an important part of life.
  • Social inequality in marriage.
  • What is more important: family or friends?
  • The combination of study and work.
  • Is medicine free for all?
  • Natural phenomena and climate change.
  • University fraternities and their impact on the lives of students.
  • Learning foreign languages.
  • The harm of passive smoking.
  • Are private schools better than state schools?
  • Racism in America.
  • The harm of the excessive use of caffeine.
  • Can series be called real emotions?
  • Do we need to invest in travel?
  • The importance of reading books.
  • Should a person vote?
  • How much truth gives us the media?
  • Can women earn more than men?
  • Can music take away stress?
  • Why do people drink a lot of alcohol?
  • The best age for having a baby.

5 Tips How To Brainstorm Savvy Argumentative Essay Topics Fast

To choose an actual topic you should find the source of your inspiration. It is important that your theme is informative and exciting for the audience. There are many different resources that will give you a detailed plan for creating your essay, but there are 5 main criteria for choosing a topic.

Choose a topic that is closer to your interests or hobby. This will allow you to better understand the issue and further understand the problem. You can express in your theme your personal preferences and thoughts, but also the topic will be interesting for you to better understand it. Select a list of your hobbies and find the current theme, which will be closer in content. Everyone has a hobby, and an essay topic can have a different name. Share your thoughts on a specific discussion and you can write a very interesting article. Brainstorm will be an excellent motivation for you because the topic will be a new step in your development. No need to choose a theme from an area you do not know. You can write an essay, but your indifference will be passed on to your audience. Any work should bring pleasure to you and benefit the people around you.

Find a suitable resource, where there is a list of relevant topics for different age categories. Maybe you will find something interesting for you there. Experts also advise you to choose a theme that was unknown to you before, but you really wanted to understand it. This will allow you to improve your knowledge in a certain field of activity and tell others interesting facts. Gathering information is very exciting. You will enjoy the enthusiastic views of your listeners – it will mean that you have done an essay very good. Resources will give you a start, not only in choosing a topic, but also an approximate plan for your future article. Any audience wants to hear something intriguing, important and fascinating. Choose funny argumentative essay topics on the Internet resource and half of your work will be ready. Do not be afraid to make a choice! Actual themes from the lists will be interesting for many people. Many of the problems that exist in such themes are an important part of discussions in modern society.

Many people looking for inspiration from nature, books, movies or music. Such topics may also be relevant. You can also choose themes about the Renaissance period. Many artists created art and sought inspiration in nature. You can do the same. It sounds sad, but in our world, there are many problems. You can choose a theme from what you saw this morning when you were drinking tea. Every person sometimes thinks about what could be changed on our planet to make it better. Try to do it! The world around us is worthy of your attention, and together we can show other people different problems. Lists of current topics always have several names about nature and animals, as well as themes about music or art. Inspiration could come to you from a beautiful song that you heard on the radio or from this beautiful lilac which is growing near your home.

Maybe the best inspiration for you is love. This feeling makes a person more romantic, attentive, sensitive and open to creativity. You have a loved one and you always want to talk about it. Love and relationships are hot topics at any time and for all age groups. What is love? How does this affect human consciousness? How to cope with the loss of a loved one? The questions go one by one and you can study each of them in detail. Write an interesting topic and it will be informative for the audience because each person fell in love or lost love. Maybe your topic will be relevant for other people who had a similar situation. True love can be a good assistant for any feat, so writing an essay will not be a problem. Inspiration from love is the best motivation for choosing an interesting topic.

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