School and Cyber Bullying Writing Guide

Some people mistakenly call bullying a new challenge for our society. Although world psychologists were studying this problem and the consequences that it may cause. Teachers often give a task to prepare a bullying essay in order to give some advice to others. It is not harmless jokes.

We do not take this kind of problem seriously, naively believing that everyone has had a tiff with classmates, and nothing terrible has come of it. In fact, the persecution at school may leave an imprint on the psyche of the child for the rest of his life.

Experienced specialists have prepared some basic guides so that you can write perfect work:

  • You need to make a plan that will clearly carry out all the further work.
  • Think of a headline that will appeal to anyone.
  • Come up with an introduction that will reveal the topic, not to the end and will require reading the whole text. With an effective introduction, you will allow the reader to understand that work is worth his attention.
  • Write a few paragraphs of the main part (it should be three or four) and support your opinion with arguments.
  • Conclude summarizing all the above. Clearly answer the topic.
  • Use good language, insert words, synonyms. Write in a timely manner.

Creating a cyberbullying essay is a chance to demonstrate academic ability, originality of thinking and impress with skills. You must know what you are writing about. Choose a theme that will be interesting and relevant. You must create your own work by using dynamic alternating questions, polemical expressions, problems. The use of colloquial intonation and vocabulary is an important prerequisite for successful execution and delivery.

10 Horrible Facts About Bullying in the USA

The experts of our service have tried to select and note 10 facts about the bullying in the USA. It’ll help you express your thoughts in the cyberbullying college essay.

  • Children who experience domestic violence are usually victims.
  • 80% of children are harassed without even knowing it.
  • Less than 30% of boys and 40% of girls under the age of 14 – say with their peers that they are bullied.
  • More than 20% of senior students reported having suffered from this last year.
  • There is no characteristic or reason why one kid laughs over the other. Bullying can happen to anyone.
  • There are teachers (1 of 4) who do not consider the bullying scary.
  • 64% of students who have been bullied have never reported this to an adult.
  • 70% of students report that they have observed online cases of bullying (in social networks).
  • Student roles in a bullying situation (victim, initiator, witness) may change over time. Often, adolescents who commit violence against others – they themselves have suffered from it before.
  • A student who was harassed and humiliated in the morning on the way to school – may laugh at a junior student after lessons.

There are many cyberbullying essay topics that every learner can write about. The subject in this regard is quite widespread because according to statistics, 80% of children are harassed, even without realizing it. We collected 50 topics. It will push you to your original idea.

25 Topics Ideas for an Argumentative Essay About Bullying

  1. Bullying is an important problem for children
  2. Bullying & school instigating
  3. The problem of hounding through the eyes of a teenager
  4. Bullying and problems of the younger generation
  5. Why is there a problem of bullying among students?
  6. Bullying inside out: how does it break the psyche of children?
  7. Is anyone who bullies others considering a criminal?
  8. No one should ignore the bullying
  9. To taunt and bully – these are different things
  10. Bullying at school is not age-restricted
  11. Bullying is not just anger and meanness
  12. School absenteeism and failure in studying through the bullying
  13. The causes of bullying can be very different
  14. Losers or round honors are the most common victims of bullying at school
  15. Children and adolescents most often become targets of bullying
  16. Boys are more often the victims and initiators of school bullying
  17. Everyone can be under the gun of bullying
  18. Bullying methods differ depending on the gender of the victim
  19. Bullying strongly affects the mental state
  20. Bullying is a “new challenge” for our society
  21. Did you help someone who has been bullied?
  22. Do you consider bullying fun or crime?
  23. Bullying can be manifested in the form of psychological pressure and physical sneer
  24. Bullying cases among pupils have always been part of the school, but now it is more noticeable
  25. Insult, humiliation, threats, ignore – is this a bullying?

25 Cause and Effect of Bullying Essay Topics

  1. Bullying at school: why do children persecute yearlings and what to do with it?
  2. How does bullying affect a person?
  3. Why do students bully the weaker?
  4. How to protect a child from bullying?
  5. Bullying causes that the victim loses self-confidence
  6. The child becomes closed and is fenced off from the outside world in his small comfortable space because of bullying
  7. How to understand that a child is a victim of bullying?
  8. An essential consequence of the spread of bullying among the students is the transition to aggressive actions
  9. Teens become vulnerable to peer aggression
  10. Verbal bullying is a fairly widespread form of harassment
  11. Harassment or bullying with cruel words
  12. Every action of bullying has consequences
  13. Bullying causes unwanted negative tendencies in the functioning of the youth environment and society as a whole
  14. Children who suffer from bullying may not want to go to school
  15. How to resist bullying?
  16. Bullying and lack of contact with peers
  17. Psychosomatic symptoms because of bullying: frequent illnesses, abdominal pain, viral infections
  18. In all social systems, there is always a leader, an average group and the so-called “exile” via bullying
  19. Secure space for your child. How to counteract school bullying?
  20. Bullying: inequality of the forces of the aggressor and the victim
  21. Psychological and physical violence at school. Who should be responsible for the law?
  22. Language of bullying: how to distinguish it from lust?
  23. Cyberbullying: new dangers in the Internet space
  24. How to find a victim of harassment at school?
  25. Stop-bullying. Three parents’ problems influencing child aggression.

Do’s and Don’ts of Bullying Essay Writing

There are many rules that student should observe in the process of fulfilling a written assignment. All of them play a role for a better result.


  • Follow the correct structure of argumentative essay topics on bullying.
  • Choose a beautiful and relevant topic.
  • Grab the reader with an introduction. Make it interesting and exciting.
  • Create the main part in 3-4 paragraphs which should describe the problem in accordance with the title.
  • Use a draft where you can record the main ideas or confirmation.
  • Utilize the correct arguments and highlight them with literary sources.
  • Check and review your work several times and utilize various dictionaries.


  • Do not use bad words and obscure expressions in argumentative essay about bullying.
  • Do not write too long paragraphs.
  • Do not write a long essay, from which your result will only be worse.
  • Do not forget to write a good conclusion that would reveal the topic.
  • Do not shorten the words when writing.
  • Do not use false arguments and facts.
  • Do not abuse the rules of grammar and spelling.

Need Help Writing an Essay on Bullying?

Sometimes the time is suppressed and it is not enough at all. The topic is complicated or perhaps it is not already in the student’s head. Professional help is just as successful in this case. Each reason can become a serious obstacle to the successful completion of the assignment and adversely affect the luck of the subject.

It is impossible to completely write a composition on cyberbullying, just like other manifestations of cruelty in virtual space and real life. The undergraduate must be able to substantiate his or her own opinion. Not everyone can do a written assignment on this topic correctly. Students can buy any task including cause and effect of bullying essay. By turning to specialists you’ll get plenty of opportunities to get a good rating. You can choose the best performers with a guarantee of fulfilling your task on time and without overpayments.

The writers of our service can perform such hard work even in the shortest time. We adhere to the level of uniqueness of the assignment and check them for errors using special programs. Our regular customers have discounts. Each learner can discuss the details of the project with the selected author and agree on everything for further cooperation. We promise that your cyberbullying essay introduction interested anyone. The reader will be captured and read the composition by the end giving you a good rating.

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