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What is a Doctoral Dissertation?

Aiming for contribution to science, American doctoral dissertations require months of dedicated work and concentration. Having this in mind, 87% of students give up on their dream of becoming a scientist, since they believe science is not about boring paperwork, but about the discovery and its importance.

Concentrate on what’s important! Have a vision of what your dissertation should be? That’s enough for us to complete it from scratch. Fill out the order form – it takes less than 10 minutes – tell us the subject, the number of pages, provide us with the main requirements, and explain what kind of result you want at the end. The rest is on us. Enjoy scientific liberty without the struggle of dull bureaucracy.

Doctoral Dissertation Length

Intending to get a Ph.D. degree, a doctoral dissertation is usually no less than 200 pages long. Quite a volume to work on! Entrust it to a real expert in the field. We complete one chapter within 3 days, so the whole dissertation is the question of merely two weeks.

25 Best Doctoral Dissertation Topics


  1. Use of taxes to promote filmmaking in determined regions.
  2. International laws regarding telemarketing and common challenges for local companies.
  3. Public service and ethics.
  4. Financial disputes and the role of mediators.
  5. Closing deals by using the cultural background information.


  1. Investing in employees: right choice or loss of money?
  2. Enforcement of socio-cultural diversity at a workplace.
  3. Management strategies change due to globalization.
  4. Management and technologies: comparing the changes.
  5. Effective management strategies in non-profit organizations.


  1. Motivation theory and its implementation in the classroom.
  2. E-learning and monitoring students’ performance.
  3. High school students and career guidance: suggesting improvements.
  4. Online education and home-schooling systems: pros and cons.
  5. Reasons behind negativity towards studying.


  1. Daily life in ancient Greece.
  2. Internet impact on youth culture.
  3. Youth political culture in the 21st
  4. Gender theory transformation in the last decade.
  5. Social networks and the end of the traditional media era.


  1. Performance as a modern art form.
  2. Art of design and its philosophy.
  3. Web design as the art form of the 21st
  4. Preserving classical architecture: theory and practice.
  5. Transformation of art: from ancient times to the 21st

Doctoral Dissertation Outline

Get the outline of your future dissertation before the writer starts working on the whole piece. Apply amendments right away or let the writer continue. Can’t wait to see a part of the work? Get a draft of your future dissertation halfway through the writing process for approval. Keep full track of the process – it’s easy.

How to Write a Doctoral Dissertation in a Week?

What is doctoral dissertation holding for you except for a Ph.D. degree? – Months of research, dedicated analysis, outlining, drafting, writing, and endless editing. Not mentioning you have to come up with the 100% original theory and prove it with the best possible arguments, that would take hours to find within the piles of materials.

Complete this task in a matter of minutes. Place your order now and save a bunch of time. We have 700+ skillful degree-holding writers with years of experience in your field. At any given time, you would be connected with a pro who can handle your order on the A-level.

No struggle, we’ll even cover the revisions and editing of your dissertation within 14-30 days after delivery and won’t charge extra for that. Check out the work and point out the flaws and imperfections – we’ll happily re-do it for you. Polish your dissertation up to perfection without having to do it yourself. We’ve got you covered.

11 Doctoral Dissertation Writing Tips

  1. Start writing a doctoral dissertation
  2. Go through piles of materials to create a solid ground.
  3. Come up with a theory/idea to prove in your dissertation.
  4. Create a detailed outline; see if it covers everything you’ve planned.
  5. Download a few dissertation samples related to your topic and check them out.
  6. Write down all your arguments and place them in the right order.
  7. Start writing by filling out your outline.
  8. Go at your own pace but mind the deadline.
  9. Edit your first draft as many times as you need.
  10. Proofread and format your dissertation, check it for plagiarism.
  11. Hand it to your supervisor for amendments.

Doctoral Dissertation Writing Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t waste your time on tedious work. Generate your idea and hand everything else to a pro. We’ll complete your dissertation from scratch and will keep your integrity 100% safe.

Do enjoy your free time, get ready for defense, keep track of the writing process. Score better and succeed in getting the desired degree. No struggle.

Buy 100% American Doctoral Dissertations

How to write a doctoral dissertation without any typo or mistake – a question worth million dollars. Knowing that only 30% of all dissertations are recommended for defense and thus have a chance to give authors the degree – you might want to be extra attentive with each detail.

Entrust your dissertation to the army of professionals. 3500+ top writers, 500+ best editors, and 1000+ most dedicated proofreaders would polish your text up to perfection. We take your instructions seriously and follow them to the point. You can either track the writing process by communicating with your writer anonymously or just wait until it all would be done for you.

Get ready for having the time of your life, while we have your back with the tedious work. Order now!

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