Hobbies To Become Smarter

Don’t get celebrating too much out there, computer games and vaping won’t make you any smarter. However, painting will. These are 10 hobbies you can start digging into in your spare time, which will actually help you become a smarter student and person. Some of them can even help you study better. What are those, exactly?

8 Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter

Playing musical instruments

Music is powerful enough to trigger complex emotions and physiological states. Listening or better playing music supercharges memorizing capabilities, teaches you concentration and persistence. In Ancient Greece music was considered a discipline much closer connected with Math than Liberal Arts or Humanities. Moreover, no one can be easily taught playing musical instruments. However, no one says you can’t give it a try and benefit at least to some basic extent.

Read like you’re a bookworm

More you read, smarter you become, everyone knows that. Be it fiction, poetry, autobiography or textbooks, reading always pays off by making you smarter. Read anything you can lay eyes on, even magazines and newspapers will do. Only make sure it’s not complete garbage you’re about to read, slick fiction and cheap love novels won’t teach you anything, that’s for sure. Comic books aren’t the greatest educators too.


Meditation helps lower stress and open up some chakras. People believe meditation helps you transcend to a higher state of human being. In case you can’t reach such level yet, meditation is still an excellent hobby that can improve intelligence in the first place. Sound mind in a sound body. Said that…

Go in for sports

No one likes being a feeble guy with a 30% body fat. In addition to keeping your body fit, sports activities work on your brain effectiveness too. Be it yoga, gym or some active sports games like football, exercising pays off with better physical and mental health. Plus, if you’re good at sports, a college might want to offer you a scholarship. Or one day you might even go professional.

Challenge your brain

Like it’s not challenged enough in college, offer your mind different intellectual exercises such as Sudoku, quizzes, riddles, crosswords, puzzles, etc. Sounds easy, right? Exactly, but when facing a real-life challenge, your experience with solving quizzes against the clock will come handy.

Study a new language

Isn’t the easiest hobby from the list but one of the most effective. Learning new words, customs and traditions make you a well-rounded, way smarter individual. People with high verbal-linguistic intellect are known to be great managers, decision-makers and thought leaders. As you see, solving IQ tests isn’t the only proof you’re smart. A person wielding more than one foreign language is smart in anyone’s book by default.

Keep a diary

Adopt a habit of writing down things in your diary by hand. This will sharpen your handwriting and creative skills and help you improve your memory and critical thinking. Did you know that to become a writer, even a low-key one a higher-than-average level of intellect is needed? Alas, many autobiographies of famous people started out as plain diaries. Who knows, maybe one day they will offer you tons of money to get an honor of publishing your autobiography?


Travelling is a splendid exercise for both brain and body. Different people you meet, places you see, and dishes you try broaden your horizons and make you a more accomplished person. There’re times our schedules are too busy to travel, but if you can carve out some time to travel instead of watching Netflix – just do it. No one has ever gotten smarter by binge-watching Daredevil.

At the end of the day, not all the hobbies have to make you smart under any pretext. Play as much computer games as you want, but make sure there are a couple of actually meaningful and beneficial activities you enjoy doing and get smarter, better, healthier, and more physically developed doing them.

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