Social Media Essay Topics

The number of social media users increases fast. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are integral parts of our everyday lives and influence people significantly. That’s why students should cover topics on social media in their papers. Choosing an essay topic may take a lot of time and effort. So we prepared a list of themes to facilitate the process of creating the essay title and give you more time for writing. 

Here you can find over 100 social media topics for your research paper or essay. So read on and craft a compelling essay on social media and get an excellent mark!

Social Media Topics to Write About

You can find a number of fascinating themes to explore in your social media essay, but how to make the right choice? You should define your interests, do research, brainstorm ideas, narrow down the topic, and seek assistance in the academic environment of your educational institution or on the Internet. Here are 25 great topics on social media prepared by our experts.

  • What is the best age to join social media?
  • The positive and negative effects of online communication on business.
  • The ownership of the content on social media.
  • Can social media improve public education?
  • Why is information shared on social media no longer private?
  • Gladwell’s theory on social media.
  • Social media and identity theft.
  • Benefits of reduced social media usage.
  • The issue of social media in the classroom.
  • Why does the US government plan to ban TikTok?
  • Social media commercialization.
  • What is Facebook addiction disorder?
  • The role of social media in increasing cultural awareness.
  • The impact of social networks on the national economy.
  • How can social media spread nationalism?
  • The Social Dilemma by Netflix.
  • How to recognize false claims on social media?
  • The role of social networks in the fashion industry.
  • Social media and Internet police.
  • Crimes on social media.
  • The impact of social media on healthcare.
  • Social media and “elite” categorization.
  • Terrorist recruiting through social media.
  • What should be banned on social media?
  • The freedom of speech in social media.

Social Media Titles for Essays

It’s not easy to find the best topic for your social media essay. All of them may seem good, but when you start looking for materials or formulating your opinion, it turns out that the topic is weak. Let’s look at a list of absorbing essay themes on social media.

  • Pros and cons of social networks.
  • Social media as a means of intercultural communication.
  • What role do hashtags play on social media?
  • What is ‘Facebook depression’?
  • The concept of social media burnout.
  • The FOMO effect.
  • Social media in the book The Culture of Connectivity.
  • Social media as a modern Tower of Babel.
  • Twitter for the medical community.
  • What is the digital divide, and how to overcome it?
  • Social media and political polarization.
  • The phenomenon of political discussions on social media.
  • How does social media increase the scope of stereotypes?
  • How does social media help strengthen relationships?
  • Social media and peer pressure.
  • What is sexting?
  • How does social media increase the risk of trauma?
  • Issues with the reliability of the information on social networks.
  • What are information silos?
  • How do social media democratize the Internet?
  • Manipulation techniques on social media.
  • How does social media expose children to alcohol and tobacco?
  • What is the law of digital Darwinism?
  • How brand content on social media influences public perceptions?
  • The phenomenon of “information holes” on social media.
  • The importance of fact-checking for social network users.
  • What is anti-social media?
  • Social media data mining.
  • Mark Zuckerberg and mishandling of data.
  • The role of Facebook in revolutions and protests.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media

There are three common social media essay types: argumentative, persuasive, and satire. In this paragraph, we’ll explore examples of argumentative essay titles about social media. This essay type allows students to convince readers their opinion on social media is right using factual evidence and logical support. It requires sufficient research to prove your claim. 

Like any other social media essay, your argumentative paperwork will have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In order to create a good social media argumentative essay, the first thing you should do is select the appropriate topic, and here we’ll explore the list of top 30 amazing title ideas.

  • Do people waste time on social media?
  • The role of social media in business.
  • Do social media help create world peace?
  • Cyberbullying on social media.
  • How does social media affect the youth?
  • Pros and cons of virtual communication.
  • Which is better: Facebook or Twitter?
  • Does Instagram influence our self-esteem?
  • What is dangerous to post on social media?
  • Does social media promote false media images?
  • Social media accounts of world leaders.
  • How to make money on social media?
  • Should parents control their children’s social media accounts?
  • Should social media be banned from being used at work?
  • Social media in business communication.
  • Is it safe to make friends and relationships on social media?
  • Are people addicted to social media?
  • Professionals on LinkedIn.
  • Do social media develop an inferiority complex in teens?
  • Social media and mental health.
  • Do social media cause stress and loneliness?
  • Can social networks reduce unemployment rates?
  • Do celebrities have a negative influence on youngsters via social media?
  • Should social media users be responsible for abusive language in comments?
  • Do social media reduce productivity?
  • How does social media addiction affect our brain?
  • Do social networks require censoring?
  • Social media as a defamation tool.
  • Do social networks affect people’s emotions?
  • How does social media change the lifestyle of modern people?

Research Paper Topics on Social Media

A good research paper on social media is informative and engaging, and it’s crucial to choose the right topic for it. The research paper is a more complex type of assignment than an essay about social networks. You should create a strong intro, and present a research method section, results, discussion, and a conclusion. 

If you want to save time writing the paper and not search numerous web pages and lecture notes to find the right one, we suggest you check out the top topics on social media research papers. And those who struggle with doing research can fill out the order form on our website and get professional social media research paperwork.

  • The influence of social media on start-ups’ success.
  • How business marketing benefits from social media?
  • Do social networks influence suicide rates?
  • The role of social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Social media in the daily life of an average person.
  • The popularity of TikTok among adolescents.
  • Do social media help small businesses grow?
  • Social media and mental health of the youth.
  • How can Quora be used for educational purposes?
  • History of social media.
  • Development of social-media platforms.
  • The rise of mobile social media.
  • Cutting-edge social media technologies.
  • Effective email marketing strategies.
  • The role of bots on social media.
  • How to increase brand awareness with chatbots?
  • Social media for medical information.
  • Myspace by Thomas Anderson.
  • Dramatic popularity of Clubhouse.
  • What people like about social networks?
  • Social media in law enforcement and investigations.
  • Why do governments use social media?
  • Social media in science communications.
  • How governments improve their image via social media?
  • What are the peer effects of social media?
  • The role of social media in politics.
  • Social media in the hiring assessment.
  • School admissions and social networks.
  • Social media in court cases.
  • The effect of social media on sleep. 

Don’t waste your time and start writing an essay now with our creative topics on social media. These title examples and tips on selecting the right theme will help you stand out and get an excellent result. We wish you good luck and hope you will achieve academic success. If you have any questions, our experts are 24/7 ready to assist. In our blog posts, you will find a lot of useful information on selecting music essay topics and more. Contact us anytime you need and get professional assistance on choosing social media topics and improving your writing assignments. 


What are the best topics for social media?

Social media is a modern research topic allowing students to express their views and experiences. You can write an essay or research paper about popular social media platforms and their role in society or your life. It’d also be great to analyze the impact of social media influencers, celebrities, and politicians on people via social networks. 

What are 3 good topics for an essay?

When you choose a theme for your social media essay, there’s no universally perfect option, as every person has their interests. Here we single out for you the top three essay title ideas that are relevant today and have enough support materials. These are social media in education, how social networks changed my life, and the pros & cons of using social media. You can modify these topics and adjust them to your interests and preferences to create a high-quality essay. 

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