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What is a Masters Thesis?

Master’s thesis is a 100-page degree project that instructs you to research and develop in a written form a certain topic that has been approved with your supervisor and the thesis acceptance committee.

Writing a Masters thesis takes 4-6 months to fulfill from the ground up. Key activities include topic research, thesis proposal writing, main thesis writing, proofreading, revisions, and defense. As one of the most challenging papers students have to deal with, a thesis is usually associated with stress, long nights spent in the library, endless revisions, and stressful viva voce.

Since you might’ve already done a Bachelor’s thesis, be aware that a Master level paper requires more in-depth research on a topic and is twice as bigger in terms of length. That’s why if you had problems with your Bachelor’s magnum opus, be prepared to put x3 more effort to succeed this time too.

To help with your Master thesis, we’ve prepared a short F.A.Q. containing answers to the questions Master level students have most often when working on their senior year course work.

How to Write a Masters Thesis F.A.Q.

Prepare to Write a Thesis

Thesis writing normally commences 4-6 years prior to the due submission date. If a student wants to stay and work in a university (i.e., embark upon a career in Education), then they should start off a year before the defense is scheduled.

To do great writing a Master’s thesis, starting out half a year before the submission date is normal. Preparation usually begins with brainstorming a topic and getting it approved. After that, you will have to cogitate a strong thesis statement. Finally, you’ll need to prepare a thesis proposal to recruit a solid supervisor (i.e., preceptor) to work with you on your paper.

A thesis proposal is a 10-page shortened version of your future paper containing basic information about your research. Its goal is to engage a supervisor to work with you on the research and help you present it properly to the acceptance committee.

Just as you have a supervisor on your team, you could proceed to work on the main thesis paper that consists of the introduction, literature review, methods, results, discussion, and conclusions.

5 Thesis Writing Tips You Should Know

Master’s thesis papers are easy to write if you follow a mind-first work protocol. These tips will help you prepare a champion course work fast and up to scratch.

  • Keep a paper out of cold storage. Start working on a thesis months in advance in short 2-3-hour sessions. This will help avoid the writer’s block and have enough personal time.
  • Draw up a writing plan together with your supervisor and stick to it. Working in small sessions and reaching lesser goals step-by-step will help you keep the big picture in mind but avoid crunching and stress in the meantime.
  • Show your drafts to your supervisor frequently and follow the received feedback. Adjust texts according to what your preceptor pointed out in order to keep your thesis progress on point.
  • Proofread and edit your texts only after the main writing stage is over. Let your ideas flow until the paper is finished. Between the first draft and the final variant of your course work, there are normally dozens of proofreading sessions.
  • Keep your writing original and mind the citations. If there’s too much of academic plagiarism in a paper, neither your supervisor and especially nor the acceptance committee members will approve your texts for defense. Write from scratch or at least have someone to do it for you (with what we can always help!)

10 Thesis Writing Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Start writing in advance – 4-6 months prior to the submission due date.
  2. Brainstorm a strong main topic + have a couple of backup variants.
  3. Think of an engaging thesis statement that is simple yet thought-provoking for the reader.
  4. Write a good thesis proposal to recruit the best supervisor to follow you through the writing process.
  5. Write your thesis every day but in short 2-3-hour sessions in order not to overwork and stick to a consistent writing protocol.
  6. If you need a break, have your Saturdays and Sundays to get the energy and commitment back to normal.
  7. First – write; then – proofread.
  8. Bring your supervisor up to speed regarding the writing process on a regular basis.
  9. Follow your supervisor’s advice.
  10. Get our Master thesis writing service to improve the quality of your texts to enjoy a smoother defense.


  1. Be clueless of what is a Masters thesis.
  2. Try to write a thesis overnight.
  3. Think of a thesis as if it’s another essay to pull off half-heartedly.
  4. Ignore the thesis proposal.
  5. Ignore your supervisor’s recommendations.
  6. Don’t follow any writing plan.
  7. Have a weak topic and write a wishy-washy (or don’t do it at all) thesis statement.
  8. Miss out on a deadline.
  9. Discard proofreading.
  10. Copy-and-paste texts from the internet.

Proofreading & Editing

Already done writing your thesis? It’s time to proofread and edit texts. While proofreading is a process of fixing all mistakes and errors – from grammar to punctuation flaws and typos. Whereas editing is more focused on rewriting fouled texts to make the entire work sound more academic and coherent.

In our Master thesis writing guide, we don’t recommend to write and proofread/edit texts on the same day. We do believe these are the two stand-alone activities that should be done separately. The experience of writing 100s of thesis papers shows that there’s a room of difference between the first and the final draft. So if you want to round up your paper faster, separate writing and proofreading/editing.

Proofreading and editing take time. Be ready to spend 2-3 weeks blue-penciling the document until it’s 100% submission-ready. Not a single grammar error or spelling flaw will pass unnoticed by the acceptance committee. And the fewer revisions they assign, the better it is for your defense success.

3 Services to Help w/ Your Thesis

Grammarly will help you with basic editing and proofreading of texts. CopyScape will help you keep the plagiarism in check. And PayForEssay will help you with in-depth writing, proofreading, and editing of texts for a reasonable fee. With these three services, you could ace the submission without a hitch and even save some extra free time.

Why Our Master Thesis Writing Service?

Let’s say it – a thesis Masters level students have to do is on an entirely different level of difficulty than any other paper you’ve done so far. It’s time-taking, mind-boggling, and teeth-grinding. On the Master’s level, nearly 15% of papers aren’t allowed for defense! All because the research quality is poor or there are too many errors and typos. Plagiarism is another issue that doesn’t let the aspiring Masters to succeed and get their degrees.

With that in mind, consider using our Masters thesis writing service if you want to:

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We offer the full range of services – from original writing to proofreading and editing. Opt-in for the full package of services or go for a separate service that meets your goals the most.

Our key principles are:

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